How To Meet Girls

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How To Meet Girls
How To Meet Girls

Video: How To Meet Girls

Video: How To Meet Girls
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In order for an acquaintance with a girl to take place, it is enough to just walk up and talk to her. But how can you avoid mistakes and be successful? To do this, you need to take note of some rules in communication and behavior with a lady.

How to meet girls
How to meet girls


Step 1

The first impression of a person has not yet been canceled. Therefore, it is better to be neat and confident.

Step 2

Acquaintance of a guy with a girl should take place at a certain distance. The girl has a personal border, or as it is also called "intimate zone". When approaching to get acquainted, it is important not to cross this line. Finding it is quite simple: if you are standing in front of a person - an outstretched arm, on the side - a palm, behind - growth. Remember, you should not approach from the side where the lady has a handbag.

Step 3

Try to get the girl's attention first before you say anything. Take a moment, look into her eyes. If she is wearing headphones, let her know that there is a conversation. A lady can be frightened if you come up abruptly and talk to her. Of course, there is a way out of any situations, but the outcome of further events depends on the first step.

Step 4

Be confident. Do not slouch while doing this. Do not stand rooted to the spot, smile, do not look away. A sincere smile and an even look always inspire confidence. Do not hide your hands in your pockets, move them, gesticulate. If you feel that there is nowhere to put your hands, then it is better to keep them occupied. For example, a bottle of water or a girl's hand. No whispering in the conversation - only intelligible, loud speech. Don't make the girl ask again.

Step 5

Now about what to say to a girl when meeting. Some young people have certain preparations for this case. But they often sound insincere and trite. Therefore, there is no need to invent anything in advance. Be honest about your intentions. This way of dating is called Direct Style. For example, like this: “Girl, wait. I'm not alone, but with a company. We're very late, but I wouldn't mind seeing you again. Let's sit over a cup of coffee, talk like a human being, how do you look at it?"

Step 6

Awaken her interest and desire to meet you again. You can consider it your victory if she hints to you about another meeting. To do this, do not forget to exchange phone numbers.