What To Do If You Want Sex, But It Is Not

What To Do If You Want Sex, But It Is Not
What To Do If You Want Sex, But It Is Not

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Sex takes an important place in people's lives. This is not only a way to have offspring, but also to get positive emotions, tone the body and relieve sexual tension. Prolonged absence of sex can be hazardous to your health, and even then, you can find a way out of the situation.

What to do if you want sex, but it is not
What to do if you want sex, but it is not

Finding the reasons for not having sex

Think about why there is no sex in your life. The most common reasons are the absence of a permanent partner, various health problems, as well as the usual self-doubt and fear of failure in love joys. Once you have identified the reason for the lack of intimate relationships, begin to act accordingly.

If everything is in order with your health, start looking for a sexual partner. It should be remembered that sex is unlikely to come into your life on its own, so you have to make some effort to get it, which is especially true for men. To get started, just get to know the person of the opposite sex you like. If you don't have the courage to start dating on the street or in public places, you can do it through dating sites, social networks and other Internet resources.

Don't rush to have sex with the first person you meet. This should be done with the one for whom you have love feelings. It may not come so soon, but you will be really happy.

Interact with the woman until you are close enough to move on to the more serious stage of the relationship. Don't suggest having sex too early, it will definitely alienate the woman from you. It is believed that at least three dates must go through before it is time to move on to an intimate relationship.

It is necessary to hint at sex in the right way, for example, by organizing a preliminary romantic dinner, which later turns into a romantic night.

How to find sexual satisfaction

Get rid of the problems that prevent you from enjoying sex. Some men suffer from impotence, but this can be completely cured by going to the clinic. Problems can also arise on psychological grounds: a man or woman is complex about his body, as well as the ability to give pleasure to a partner. Seek help from a psychologist or simply read informative literature to feel more confident in bed.

Masturbation (masturbation), which can be performed by both men and women, is a very effective and safe method of obtaining satisfaction in the absence of sex. This is an independent stimulation of the genitals, leading to orgasm. Masturbation helps to avoid various diseases and deterioration of the emotional background in the absence of a permanent sexual partner.

You can also practice sublimation - deliberately giving up sex in order to achieve your goals as soon as possible. According to experts, temporary sublimation helps to achieve success in career and creativity. All that is needed for this is to mentally direct the energy that arises on the basis of sexual arousal in the right direction. Almost the same effect is exerted by unrequited love: a person tormented by feelings begins to work and engage in creativity more intensively.

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