How To Raise Attention In A Child

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How To Raise Attention In A Child
How To Raise Attention In A Child

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Concentration means being able to focus on one activity without being distracted by others. The attention and observation of the child must be taught - as well as the skills of self-service, reading, and counting. And it is better to start learning from an early age of the baby.

How to raise attention in a child
How to raise attention in a child


Step 1

A child of one and a half to two years is able to concentrate attention on one object for no more than 5-10 minutes, three-year-old children - 12-20 minutes. The ability by an effort of will to distract from the interesting in favor of the necessary is called voluntary attention. Keep in mind that it is fully formed in a child only by the age of 6-7 years. Until this age, children can only learn what impresses them, surprises them the most. Therefore, the best activity for teaching a kid attention and concentration will be a fun game, intrigue.

Step 2

Start training your child's concentration and attention with everyday activities: teach your child how to lay out the ironed linen, trying not to confuse your socks and handkerchiefs, and put cutlery in different compartments. Under your supervision, invite your child to sort different types of beans into two containers: white and red. Place several boxes for different types of toys in the nursery. Let the kid add blocks, toy cars and toy soldiers separately. They teach concentration and applique work, puzzle-making, construction.

Step 3

While walking, try to draw the baby's attention to the number of birds near the bench or cars in the yard. After a couple of hours, when you come home, ask how many there were. Such exercises help train visual attention. Play with objects or pictures: show the child a few, then ask him to turn away, at this time remove one picture. The kid should remember and name the item you cleaned. Spread several animal images on the table, put a picture with fruit next to it. Have the child name an extra item and explain their choice.

Step 4

Learn small poems with your child by heart, after a while ask them to repeat them. Such a game will also help to train auditory attention. The kid should turn away or close his eyes, and at this time you rustle with crumpled paper, rattle with pots, knock with a plastic cup, pour water from one container to another. The child's task is to guess how you "made" the sound. Then you can switch places with the baby.

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