How To Give A Woman Oral Pleasure

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How To Give A Woman Oral Pleasure
How To Give A Woman Oral Pleasure

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Cunnilingus is not an easy process for many men. Not all representatives of the stronger sex are able to properly caress the clitoris. Even if you have no experience, you should not be upset: the main thing in this matter is tenderness and attentiveness to your partner.

How to give a woman oral pleasure
How to give a woman oral pleasure


Oral sex is a very sensitive issue for some girls. And without that shy, they often prefer to say that they do not like this kind of caress at all, just not to appear in front of their partner in an awkward look. Also, women may fear that they smell bad or are not clean enough. If your girlfriend doesn't want to settle for oral sex, try doing it right after showering.

Start with foreplay. For a woman to have fun, she must relax and trust you. Kiss her, then move on to the caresses of the neck and chest, gradually sinking lower and lower. There is no need to rush. A gentle and passionate kiss will help your partner relax.

If you notice that your partner has no lubrication, then it is too early to start active caresses of the perineum. When a girl is not aroused enough, intimate caresses can hurt her or seem ticklish.

Clit caress

The word "cunnilingus" literally translated from Latin means "licking female genitals", this should not be forgotten. However, the most sensitive part of them, which promises maximum pleasure, is the clitoris. Before you reach him, gently lick the woman's labia, kiss them.

Then you need to find the clitoris. It's not that hard! It is just below where the labia begins. A small tubercle, as soon as you "grope" it with your tongue, you will immediately understand it by the reaction of your partner.

The clitoris is a very delicate organ, and there are much more sensitive nerve endings in it than in the head of a man's penis. Therefore, you need to handle it especially carefully. Even overly intense fondling with the tongue can hurt a girl.

Relax your tongue to soften it. You can first move them around, because very sensitive places are also located around the clitoris. Try to gently examine the clitoris, and if the girl is in pain, you will notice that she is trying to pull away from you, as it were. If this is the case, try fondling through the clitoral hood - the folds of tissue that cover the clitoris - for a softer feel.

From time to time, lower your tongue to the vagina, this will not only give her additional pleasure, but also allow you to apply a little lubricant to the clitoris. Its presence is very important, we can say that it is one of the determining factors of success. Be gentle and attentive, and the pleasure will be delivered to your partner by itself.

If a woman bends from your caresses, lets out moans and strives with her hips to meet you, then you are on the right track. If she flinched, then you hurt her.

When you try, and the woman does not particularly react, it means that you are doing something wrong. Get distracted by other caresses and ask her what she herself wants.

Additional points

It is very important that the girl is comfortable during oral sex. This becomes especially important if she is not too experienced, and you clearly see that she herself does not know very well how she is best. In this case, let him lie on his back, and put his legs where it is convenient for her, perhaps throw them on your back. A preliminary conversation on the topic of sex will help to deliver the maximum effect.

Remember to caress her breasts and other parts of her body with your hands. You can try to simultaneously include a finger in the game, thrusting it into her vagina. The most important thing is to observe how the girl behaves in response to your caresses, this is the only way to give her real pleasure.

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