How To Bring A Man To Ecstasy

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How To Bring A Man To Ecstasy
How To Bring A Man To Ecstasy

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The representatives of the stronger sex, unlike women, as a rule, do not have problems with reaching the peak of sexual pleasure. But, nevertheless, with the help of some secrets, you can make the feelings of a partner even more vivid and unforgettable.

How to bring a man to ecstasy
How to bring a man to ecstasy


Step 1

Sleight of hand

You can carry out manual caresses with both your right and left hand - as it is more convenient for you. However, keep in mind that a man's sensations from actions with a less dexterous hand will be slightly different. To bring your partner to ecstasy, first of all, decide on a posture. Sit, for example, on top of a man and caress him with your lips and brush at the same time. The "spoon" position is no less convenient - both of you should lie on your side, and you should be located behind your partner's back and caress him with your hand in front.

Step 2

Free sliding

The male penis does not produce natural lubrication, so use a special lubricant gel during the caress. It should be so much that the hand glides freely. Just do not take a large amount of lubricant, otherwise the frictions will not be felt.

Step 3

Women's mistakes

There are two most common mistakes made by the fair sex in attempts to bring their man to ecstasy: women are either afraid to touch the genitals, as a result of which the man practically does not feel anything, or, on the contrary, act too rudely, causing pain to the partner. Therefore, in order for a man to enjoy himself, make clear and confident movements.

Step 4

Theory and practice

While making movements, observe the man's reaction and do not hesitate to ask him about the sensations if you cannot see it from him. In addition to up and down movements, squeeze the surface of the male genital organ with your hand similarly to an expander, or caress the head with a slightly bent brush. Alternate rhythmic and fast movements with slow and calm ones, create a certain effect of surprise.

Step 5

Additional tricks

If you want to postpone ejaculation (you will feel an approaching erection through the flow of sperm at the base of the penis), grasp and squeeze the penis tightly with your thumb and forefinger, as a result of this, the male orgasm will come later. Do not limit petting only to this area. Your partner can enjoy it if you stimulate the scrotum, testicles, and the area around the anus. At the same time, caress the man with your tongue and lips.

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