How To Write The First SMS To A Girl

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How To Write The First SMS To A Girl
How To Write The First SMS To A Girl

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SMS correspondence is an original, but dangerous way of dating. During such communication, the interlocutors do not see each other, therefore, most of the information is not available. In short messages, a young man should contain his sense of humor, charm and attitude towards a girl.

How to write the first SMS to a girl
How to write the first SMS to a girl


Step 1

The word of greeting should not be removed, despite its banality. Even in everyday speech, we use them not only to show respect for the interlocutor, but also to attract attention: “Hello. Have you changed your mind about tomorrow?"

Step 2

But the question "what are you doing?" better to replace. The alternative will have to be selected independently, depending on the circumstances. If you do not know exactly what your interlocutor is doing now, suppose: "Are you making soup?" The correctness of the guess is not important, it is important that the girl responds.

Step 3

If you know roughly where the girl is and what she is doing, ask her directly about what is happening and about her attitude to it. For example, if you know that a girl is at a lecture, ask her about something related to the topic of the class.

Step 4

There is also a third option. Send the girl a short joke. Be more tactful: Avoid jokes that are ambiguous. These include statements about the intelligence or cultural level of a certain social group (this may include your interlocutor).

Step 5

Use a joke that the girl didn't exactly hear. If your first line is trivial, the first impression of you will be ruined. The best option is impromptu, a joke you just invented. You can use the surrounding objects and circumstances as a source of inspiration.

Step 6

Be sure to add a question about the girl. Firstly, you show attention to her, and secondly, you involve her in the conversation. she herself will be interested in talking about herself, even if she hardly knows you.

Step 7

Subscribe at the end of the message. Use your own passport name (or a derivative from it). A pseudonym or nickname can cause distrust in the interlocutor, especially if she is far from the circles in which you move. You will reveal your middle name later if you wish.

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