What A Teenager Should Do If Parents Drink

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What A Teenager Should Do If Parents Drink
What A Teenager Should Do If Parents Drink

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The problem of alcoholism is the most acute social problem of modern Russian society. But for a child whose family has a drinking parent, or even worse - both parents drink, alcoholism in 99 cases out of 100 is his personal tragedy.

There are no hopeless situations
There are no hopeless situations


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Whatever the parents, for the child, these are the only close people, and he loves them, despite their shortcomings and bad habits. But sometimes, when parents go over all the limits of reason in following their inclinations, the child may develop a persistent feeling of dislike and even hostility. This is especially pronounced in adolescence, when hormonal changes in the body take place, and the teenager has more than enough of his own problems. The need to solve their teenage problems against the background of drinking parents creates additional stress on the child's psyche.

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What advice can you give to a young immature mind in such a situation? It all depends on the general mood in the family. If parents belong to the category of so-called quiet alcoholics, then you can conduct a constructive dialogue with them. All parents love their children, and alcoholics are no exception, unless they are, of course, completely degraded individuals. It makes sense for a teenager to start a conversation at the moment of enlightenment of parents that their drunkenness is the cause of the teenager's problems. The reasons may be the inability to position oneself in the society of peers, the inability to prepare well for the lessons, material problems, in the end. It is not a fact that one conversation can change the situation, but, as they say, water wears away a stone.

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A teenager should understand that alcohol for a person who does not yet have physical dependence is a kind of veil that disguises more serious problems. A teenager is not yet an adult, but no longer a child. He can, as far as possible, make his own attempts to eliminate the root cause. Perhaps the relationship between the parents cooled down and this burdens them - you can try to unite the family by proposing a joint event that requires thorough preparation. Perhaps one of the parents has lost value orientations, and the other's drunkenness is a consequence of empathy. It is appropriate to remind here that the child's future is the main value, and the teenager still needs parental care, moral and material.

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If parents, in principle, agree with the arguments, but do not have the strength to resist the habit, you can try to persuade them to seek qualified psychological or even medical help. In the event that the measures taken do not bring the desired result, then it is easier to abstract from their problems and lead an independent life. It should only be remembered that in adulthood there will hardly be an opportunity to wait for help from such parents, and in most cases you will have to rely solely on your own strength. To do this, one should not only study well, but already look out for a promising field of activity for the future. Some teenagers in such a situation begin to earn money on their own already at school, fortunately, there are many opportunities to receive money through honest work, at least by working on the Internet.

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