How To Leave A Loved One To Return

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How To Leave A Loved One To Return
How To Leave A Loved One To Return

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Sometimes it seems that the relationship has reached an impasse and only radical measures can correct the situation. And then the woman decides to leave, but not for real, but so that the partner wants to return her. And this time, of course, she wants the game to go by her rules.

How to leave a loved one to return
How to leave a loved one to return


Step 1

First, think carefully about whether to resort to such radical methods. If there is still some way to fix the situation in another way, try it. If you dump your loved one, albeit not for real, there is always a chance that it will all end there. Get ready for this and don't be afraid to lose it. You should know that you have tried everything and you have nothing to lose.

Step 2

Break up intelligently. Behave calmly and with dignity, do not make scandals and do not stoop to swearing. The possibility of a future reunion depends on what your separation will be. Don't cut bridges or turn a partner against you.

Step 3

After leaving your partner, stay on course and do not back down. If he does not immediately express a desire to improve relations, do not rush to ask for forgiveness and beg him to return. If the person doesn't really want a relationship, consider whether you need it. If your couple reunites, you should know that your partner has taken into account your wishes and will continue to behave in an acceptable manner.

Step 4

Let the man know that he is dear to you, but you do not intend to put up with his unworthy behavior. You are good with him, but not bad without him. If he sees your determination and self-sufficiency, he will feel the loss and understand how much he needs you. He will not be able to feel this, knowing that you do not find a place for yourself and are already ready to back down and forgive him everything, just to be together. Don't let yourself be taken for granted.

Step 5

Decide clearly for yourself what you want to achieve by parting and how you see your relationship if it is resumed. If it worked out your way and you become a couple again, keep on the chosen course. Let your partner know about your position, that you know your worth and how you see the relationship. Remember that a habit is a powerful thing and it depends a lot on you whether your expectations are met.

Step 6

A man should clearly understand what you are not happy with in a relationship and what you want from him. Otherwise, parting will give you nothing, even if you are together again. Let him know what actions and behavior are required of him for your union to be harmonious.

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