How To Be The Best Lover In Bed

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How To Be The Best Lover In Bed
How To Be The Best Lover In Bed

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Sex is not limited to intercourse. Delightful lovemaking involves the right setting, affection, words, and more. Having studied all the subtleties of this process, you can become a wonderful lover.

How to be the best lover in bed
How to be the best lover in bed


Step 1

Listen to your partner's wishes. It so happens that a man uses the services of moths, because he can realize his fantasies with them, but not with his beloved woman. Of course, it is difficult and even a little embarrassing to talk about your secret dreams, but you can still find out the necessary information.

Step 2

Seduce your man, make him lose his head with desire and ask what exactly he wants right now. Try to fulfill his desires, but do not forget about yours. When partners feel free to tell each other exactly what they would like to do while making love, making sex great for both becomes much easier.

Step 3

Take up belly dancing, try to master the art of striptease. Both will help you study your body, its dignity, learn to move beautifully and sensually. Take video tutorials alone, practice the most difficult movements, exercise regularly. Dance in front of the mirror, peer into the curves of your body. Allow yourself to open up, become more sensual and less constrained. Over time, you will be able to demonstrate your art in front of a man, and this, believe me, will not leave him indifferent.

Step 4

Feel free to experiment. Buy sexy outfits, arrange surprises, use a variety of sex toys. Try making love at a hotel, picnic, etc. If one of your friends can provide you with their apartment for one night, take the opportunity and have sex with your man in someone else's territory. Everything new, unusual excites and helps to diversify intimate life and enhance desire.

Step 5

Forget about stereotypes forever. The number of intercourse per week and per month, their duration and other indicators are strictly individual. Words, caresses, movements - all this should please the couple, and it does not matter how many times and where they make love. Just do what your partner likes and, of course, what you like.

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