How To Be The Best Lover In

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How To Be The Best Lover In
How To Be The Best Lover In

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To be honest, I don’t know for what reasons a woman might want to become the world's best lover. Probably because of love. And if you understand that even having achieved your goal, you are unlikely to move into the category of "wife", then go ahead! In any case, once the goal has been set, it must be achieved, but how?

How to be the best lover
How to be the best lover


Step 1

In order to once hear that you are the best in the world, you need to understand why and why men have mistresses. It would seem that the answer lies on the surface. Sex, you say. And you will certainly be right. But after all, not every woman who has had sex with a married man and does not mind having a long-term relationship with him has them later. After all, not everything is so simple. A lover is not only an object of satisfying carnal desires, although this moment is also present. Often a lover appears in a man's life because he lacks love. Yes, years, everyday life, age have cooled their feelings with his wife, the relationship has turned into a routine and obligation, so the male soul longs to be treated kindly. Therefore, the surest way to become the best lover is to give a man love, not just sex. Love him. He will feel if you are sincere with him, and not just want to use as an additional source of material wealth. If you are looking for a quick guide to subduing a man for selfish purposes, this article is not for you.

Step 2

Very often people who live for a long time stop hearing each other. Yes. They talk to each other, but they do not hear. Therefore, listen to your man if he began to be frank with you. Do not interrupt, do not criticize and in no case laugh at him (he has enough negativity without you). At first, just listen and let's understand what interests you with him. Everything he says is priceless to you. This is also a way to show your love. Whether he speaks to you about a job in which you do not understand anything, or about his relatives, whom you most likely will not see, or about his long past childhood, listen and remember. After all, why is he telling you about it? Most likely he does this because he has no one else to tell, and he needs it. If you are really interested in a person, you yourself will catch his every word, because this is a way to be closer. If you are tired of the topic, then at least do not yawn or interrupt with clumsy attempts to turn the conversation to another topic. Men are rather vulnerable creatures and by their nature are not prone to long conversations with ladies. So take his monologues as an honor.

Step 3

The main task of a woman who wants to bind a married man to herself for a long time is to give him what he lacks in the family. So act in contrast to his wife. Is she on a diet and does not keep sweets in the house? Bake him pies or surprise him with delicious desserts. If she does not give him the opportunity to watch football matches, give him that opportunity or ask him to take you with him to the match. The wife prefers to spend the weekend at home watching the TV - invite him to go skiing, ice skating, or organize a trip to nature. I'm sure your quirky feminine mind will figure out how to arrange all this. The main thing is to give a man new emotions and impressions, which he is deprived of in a long family life. And he will tell you the source of these emotions himself, telling you about what he loves and what does not.

Step 4

You must be interesting to the chosen man. In addition to sexual interest, he must be fascinated by you as a person. Tell him about new movies, favorite books, music. Perhaps the world of painting and poetry in small quantities will also be interesting to him. Show him that you are a thinking and versatile person. You get hooked on communicating with an intelligent and erudite woman as much as on good sex.

What you shouldn't do is compete with his wife in areas in which she is strong.Perhaps out of a sense of rivalry, you would even like this, but you should not do it - he will be bored with it. Why does he need another connoisseur of Van Gogh or a fan of Brian Adams in life? One is enough.

Step 5

Finally, don't be confused, a lover is not a girlfriend. You shouldn't tell him about your problems. Let the spouse tell him about the problems. You have to be a woman-holiday for him, a woman-holiday. He misses it so much. He comes to you precisely because in his gray everyday life you have become a bright spot. What pushed him to you - whether passion, lust, or feelings, is not so important now. To keep him, you need to be able to remain for him this flash and outlet. And this is not easy. Therefore, if you are tired, not feeling well, or irritated, do not date him. This is useless. Be a little fabulous for him, a little out of this life. We all want to believe in fairy tales. Just a little bit.

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