How To Make A Girl Love You

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How To Make A Girl Love You
How To Make A Girl Love You

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Love is a mysterious feeling. Sometimes this feeling is very contradictory. Often in a relationship, a young man loves, and a girl allows herself to be loved. Sometimes the fair sex takes advantage of their position and a man who loves her, who suffers and does not know how to make a girl love himself. How to attract the attention of your chosen one?

How to make a girl love you
How to make a girl love you


Step 1

Be persistent, but not pushy. Obsessiveness scares off women. Persistence, on the contrary, attracts, indicating a strong character and temperament of a man. Do not give up if they say no to you. Keep getting your way. If a girl is categorically disposed, then you will not be cute forcibly.

Step 2

Surprise her. Girls love surprises. Make simple gifts. They don't have to be expensive. Even the most ordinary gift can be presented in such a way that it becomes the most expensive and memorable. Remember - the main attention that any woman needs.

Step 3

Compliment. Girls love with their ears. They need constant recognition for their beauty and other positive qualities. Naturally, you do not need to constantly say some flattering things, otherwise she may be arrogant.

Step 4

Be careful. Notice every little thing about your girlfriend. A new dress, a new haircut, a new manicure, a new meeting, a new hobby - focus on this, and she will see and understand that there is an interest in her life, which means she is not indifferent. And this is very important for a woman.

Step 5

Be sensitive and tolerant. Do not criticize her for buying a 105th pink blouse, only with mother-of-pearl buttons. For men it seems stupid, but for women it is a very important thing. Take women's weaknesses with affection, and not with aggression, which can provoke a scandal from scratch.

Step 6

Make a compromise when solving some joint problems. Don't be stubborn. Otherwise, the girl will get the impression that you only hear yourself and are a selfish nature. This is frightening. She may think about whether it is worthwhile to associate her future life with you at all.

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