How To Transport A Newborn In A Car

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How To Transport A Newborn In A Car
How To Transport A Newborn In A Car

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Modern man begins to travel from the very first days of his life. The newborn makes his first trip when he is taken home from the hospital. The task of adults is to provide the baby with comfort and safety. For this, there are special restraints. Carrying a small child in a cradle or chair is much more comfortable than holding it in your arms all the time. In addition, the use of restraints helps to protect the baby from serious injuries, even in the event of an emergency.

How to transport a newborn in a car
How to transport a newborn in a car

It is necessary

  • - car cradle;
  • - baby car seat.


Step 1

Select the restraint device. For a very small child, a carrycot is most suitable. True, the baby will grow out of her pretty quickly. In addition, the carrycot is less durable than the seat and takes up significantly more space in the car. But it also has its own advantage. The baby lies in it, that is, his body is in a position that is most appropriate for age characteristics. The most important thing is that nothing prevents the child from breathing correctly. Such devices are sometimes included with strollers.

Step 2

Place the carrycot in the rear seat. It is located perpendicular to the movement of the vehicle. There are special straps for fastening, they allow you to firmly fix the holding device. Do not forget to fasten the child himself with the built-in harness.

Step 3

The most common way to transport a baby is in a car seat. Place the seat so that the little traveler is riding with his back forward. You can fasten the holding device with special brackets or regular belts that are already in the car. The baby in such a device is in a semi-recumbent state, at a maximum angle of 45 °. Make sure that the angle of inclination is at least 30 °. In this case, in a traffic accident, the child's head may fall sharply onto the chest, and this will lead to disruption of the respiratory system. In some modern car models, the installation angle of the child seat is set by the manufacturer.

Step 4

The child seat has special built-in belts, which you need to fix the baby with. Don't worry if your baby is reclining. This is not contraindicated for a healthy child. But the chair holds the head very well, even in the event of a head-on collision. For a baby whose neck muscles are still extremely weak, this is very important.

Step 5

You can additionally fix the newborn with special fabric rollers. They surround the baby on the sides. These cushions are included with the chair. Using homemade devices such as pillows or rolled towels is not recommended.

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