How To Meet In Transport

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How To Meet In Transport
How To Meet In Transport

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People who get to know each other in transport become objects of not always benevolent attention. And yet it so happens that there may not be another opportunity to meet an interesting person. So, you need to ignore the so-called propriety and go to action.

How to meet in transport
How to meet in transport

It is necessary

Newspaper with simple crosswords or a book with a bright cover (for a wide audience), business cards


Step 1

Rapprochement in space

You need to get as close as possible to the person you are interested in. If you are surrounded by a crowd, you can move very close. However, keep a distance of at least 30 cm, unless you are pressed against him or her by the crowd. It is necessary to carefully monitor the reaction of the object. If he or she moves away, do not try to get closer. At this stage, avoid compulsive eye contact. You can cast glances from time to time. Pay attention to the right hand, if there is a wedding ring, then it is better not to try to initiate a relationship. Not all marriages are registered, but you should not try to get acquainted with a person who clearly demonstrates that he is married or is married.

Step 2

Establishing contact

Take a newspaper with a crossword puzzle or an interesting book out of your bag. Pretend that you are delving into it. Show emotions from time to time, as if the crossword puzzle is difficult for you or the book contains provocative thoughts. People in transport are bored, they pay attention to other people's emotions. This will generate interest. Then, as if by chance, ask an interesting person to help you solve the word (easy), or ask for an opinion on what is described in the book. For example, the book is called Talent Doesn't Matter. Ask your neighbor / neighbor if she agrees that achievement comes only from work. Make it look like you are a talkative absent-minded scientist. Listen carefully to the answer of the person you are interested in. Refine, develop ideas, change themes.

Step 3

Exchange of contact information

After 5-10 minutes of conversation, say that you have not had a conversation with such an erudite and interesting person for a long time. And I would like to talk some more. Then give him or her a business card you prepared in advance. It may say, for example, "Anatoly, computer repair" or "Alena, English lessons", depending on your profession or skills. Required with a phone number. Say that if you get his or her phone number, you will be very happy. If they refuse, do not insist. Perhaps the person will call you soon.

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