How To Transport Newborns

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How To Transport Newborns
How To Transport Newborns
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It is necessary to transport newborn children in a car rather carefully, for this you need a special device or a cradle. The younger the child, the more fragile he is. And the head of newborns is quite heavy, accounting for 25% of the total body weight. The muscles of the neck are rather poorly developed, therefore, it is necessary to transport newborns with the head in the direction of travel, so as not to damage the cervical vertebrae during sudden braking.

Take care of the safety of your newborn baby
Take care of the safety of your newborn baby

It is necessary

Car seat or child car seat


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You can transport a newborn child in a special car cradle, which is installed in the back seat perpendicular to the traffic. The cradle is fixed with car belts. The child in the carrycot is also secured by the seat belts built into the carrycot. A great advantage of car bassinets is that the baby lies horizontally, allowing the newborn to breathe normally. It is not advisable to transport the baby in the cradle that comes with the stroller, it is not strong enough and will not provide sufficient safety for the child in the car.

Step 2

You can also transport newborn children in a special child car seat, which is attached to the seat with seat belts. The chair is installed at a 45-degree inclination with the backrest in the direction of travel. The child is fastened in the chair itself with special restraining belts. For additional fixation of the head, you can use special rollers that fit on both sides of the newborn baby. Never place pillows or bolsters under the child's head, as this can cause the head to fall, and this can damage the vertebrae of the cervical spine or stop breathing.

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