How To Transfer From One Kindergarten To Another

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How To Transfer From One Kindergarten To Another
How To Transfer From One Kindergarten To Another

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When mom needs to go to work, the baby has to go to kindergarten. However, getting into such an institution is not so easy. It is necessary to queue up almost from the moment of planning a pregnancy, collect a bunch of documents, pay a down payment, etc. And even a little such changes in his life are not entirely to his taste: to adapt in a new team, get used to the caregivers and the new daily routine - all this so difficult for a vulnerable child's psyche. But it happens that you need to transfer from one kindergarten to another. How to do it right?

How to transfer from one kindergarten to another
How to transfer from one kindergarten to another

It is necessary

Direction voucher, application for the child's admission to kindergarten


Step 1

The reasons for changing the kindergarten may be different: moving to another place of residence, not satisfied with the work of the staff, food, teaching methods, or just a new preschool educational institution (preschool educational institution) is opening near your home. However, they do not have much significance. Once such a situation has arisen, it should be resolved.

Step 2

According to current legislation, you have the right to transfer your child from one kindergarten to another. The basis for this is a voucher-direction issued by the recruiting commission, as well as the availability of free space in your chosen preschool educational institution. Therefore, to begin with, ask the kindergarten to which you want to transfer, whether this is possible, whether there is free space for your child and what documents will be required to carry out the transfer.

Step 3

If in the new kindergarten there is a free place for your baby, you take the documents from the previous preschool educational institution, collect all the necessary documents for the new one, write an application for admission to the kindergarten. If there is no room, you will have to wait in the general queue.

Step 4

In some cases, you may need to re-pass the medical examination. However, it is often enough to simply pick up the child's personal file from the previous kindergarten, take a certificate from the district pediatrician that the child is healthy and with these documents go to the first-aid post of the new preschool educational institution. This is possible if the child has all the vaccinations according to the schedule, you paid the kindergarten maintenance fee in a timely manner and the child did not get sick during the transfer period.

Step 5

It doesn't matter for what reasons you are forced to change the preschool educational institution, try to do it as little conflict as possible. If you are transferring because you are not satisfied with the teachers or something else in the work of the kindergarten, you should not talk in a raised voice with the head and make trouble. Who knows how things will turn out in the new preschool educational institution. If you are asked about the reasons for the transfer, tell me that it is more convenient for you.

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