How To Transfer A Child To Another Group

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How To Transfer A Child To Another Group
How To Transfer A Child To Another Group

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There may be several reasons for transferring a child to another group. Usually, parents tend to do this if they are unhappy with the caregivers. But the reason may be the desire to teach the baby according to a certain program, and the state of his health. In all these cases, it is necessary to contact the manager and explain the reasons.

How to transfer a child to another group
How to transfer a child to another group

It is necessary

  • - application for transfer to another group;
  • - medical examination data (for special groups);
  • - the conclusion of the medical and pedagogical commission.


Step 1

Take your time to transfer the baby you just sent to kindergarten. Wait, even if it seems to you that he has changed and is not behaving as usual. It `s naturally. The child needs time to adapt to the team and get used to the caregivers. For some children, this is a rather lengthy process. The child may become restless or sluggish. Some children get sick. In this situation, translation will not be useful. The child will have to get used to the new group and new caregivers, and this is a serious stress for him. Observe the situation. If the educators tell you frankly about the problems, and there are no complaints from other parents about them, it may very well be that it is a matter of adaptation.

Step 2

Transfer the child if there really is no other way out. Find out if your kindergarten has another group for children of the same age. In most kindergartens of a general developmental type, groups are formed strictly according to age, and this is justified by many reasons. Each age has its own volume of knowledge, skills and abilities. By placing your child in a younger group, you artificially slow down his development. With older children, he will feel lagging behind. In addition, a violation of the age principle can be dangerous for the children themselves. Conflicts between babies are quite common, but the forces of the conflicting ones must be equal. Any child can be sent to a multi-age group that works according to special methods, but such children are not found everywhere.

Step 3

Talk to the manager. If there is free space in a parallel or mixed-age group, problems usually do not arise. The occupancy rates are quite strict, but one or two children can even be taken to a completed group. The supervisor may offer to write a statement, although quite often an oral conversation is sufficient. A written document may be needed by the administration of the kindergarten if there are already a number of complaints about the teachers of your former group. Written evidence is required to take action.

Step 4

Having decided to transfer your baby to a group that works according to a special program, first of all talk with future caregivers. Ask them to talk in detail about what they do, what the children learn from them, and why their method is better than others. Talk to the parents of the toddler. Organizational issues in this case are solved in the same way as in the previous one. The application is usually required, but its form is extremely simple.

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