How To Adopt A Child Of A Husband

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How To Adopt A Child Of A Husband
How To Adopt A Child Of A Husband

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Your husband's child has become your own. He calls you Mom, but on his birth certificate, in the column about parents, a completely different name is indicated. And if, in addition, the child does not know anything about his real mother, it is time to seriously think about adoption in order to avoid many problems and unpleasant moments in the future.

How to adopt a child of a husband
How to adopt a child of a husband


Step 1

And the first thing you have to face is getting consent for adoption from your own mother. Two options are possible here:

- the biological mother records her consent to your adoption of a child with a notary;

- or does the same in the child custody department at the place of registration of the child. If the mother of the child is not eager to give such consent for any reason, then go to court with a statement to deprive the mother of parental rights. And in order for the court to satisfy such a claim, you must have compelling reasons and evidence of the complete unwillingness and even evasion of your own mother from raising a child. Ideally, it is better to strive to resolve the issue peacefully, without resorting to court assistance. Otherwise, the case may drag on for a long time. Try to agree with the mother of the child, the reasons and the right motivation. You will most likely be able to do this much faster than waiting for a court decision to terminate parental rights.

Step 2

If you managed to get your mother's consent, write a model statement of claim to the district court for adoption. In the claim, state the situation in detail and indicate your personal data: education, place of work, salary, place and living conditions, etc. Next, collect the necessary documents.

In addition to the consent of the biological mother (or a copy of the court decision on the deprivation of parental rights) and your own statement of claim for adoption, you will be required to:

- a copy of the marriage certificate;

- a medical report on your state of health;

- a document confirming the right to use the dwelling or the ownership of the dwelling.

- police clearance certificate;

Depending on the situation, the court may require a job description, a certificate of salary, the child's consent (if he is 10 years old).

Step 3

On the basis of a positive court decision, at the nearest registry office you can change the child's data on the birth certificate. Now you can rightfully be called a mom.

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