How To Put A Gas Tube In A Newborn

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How To Put A Gas Tube In A Newborn
How To Put A Gas Tube In A Newborn

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The problems of intestinal colic, constipation and increased flatulence are so close and understandable to many mothers that most of them could write, perhaps, a whole book on this topic. The gas outlet pipe, which, it is worth noting, you will not find in every pharmacy now, is the most radical remedy, which is best used at the very last moment, and not use it as a panacea for all ills.

How to put a gas tube in a newborn
How to put a gas tube in a newborn

It is necessary

  • - gas outlet pipe;
  • - vegetable oil or petroleum jelly.


Step 1

Unfortunately, many parents sin with this, endangering the health of their children. So, how to properly install the gas outlet tube for a newborn? First, try to apply all the other methods of relieving colic in a child: abdominal massage, gymnastics, laying on the mother's belly, a warm diaper and other shenanigans from the parent's arsenal.

Step 2

If all else fails for a long time, use a gas outlet tube.

Step 3

It is important to place the gas tube in the newborn as carefully as possible, as the very small intestines of the baby can be damaged. A possible complication is rectal injury and subsequent bleeding and peritonitis.

Step 4

The flue pipe must be kept in a separate bag and always boiled. Rinse the tube thoroughly after each use and keep in boiling water for a few minutes.

Step 5

Before use, lubricate the tube and anus of the baby well with vegetable oil or petroleum jelly.

Step 6

The child should lie on his back with his legs pressed to his stomach. Please note that it is better to do this procedure together, it will be much safer.

Step 7

Insert the tube about 5 centimeters into the child's anus with gentle twisting movements. Do not forcefully push the tube, if you feel resistance, stop and finish the procedure.

Step 8

With light movements, twist the tube inside the intestine, thereby stimulating its work and helping the gaziks that torment the baby to get out. It is good at this time to do a "bike" with legs or just stroke the child's belly. Wait until the gas comes out and the baby feels better. Then carefully remove the tube.

Step 9

Remember that overuse of the gas tube can be addictive, thereby creating additional problems with stool in the child in the future.

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