How To Decorate A Playground

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How To Decorate A Playground
How To Decorate A Playground

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The kids grow up, and there comes a time when they need to run and play with other children during a walk. Moms and dads agree that the best place for a walk will not be a roadway or an abandoned house, but a comfortable playground. And so that it is located near the house and has everything necessary for the correct development of children of different ages, be safe and interesting.

How to decorate a playground
How to decorate a playground


Step 1

There should be swings, small ladders, slides, a sandbox for kids. For older kids, buildings for role-playing games in the form of houses or even castles. For schoolchildren - a sports complex and a football or basketball court. And for parents, beautiful benches to relax and look after the children for a walk.

Step 2

At the present time, many courtyards have already decorated children's townships, established with funds allocated by the city administration. And yet there are usually one or two such children's complexes with all the important attributes (swings, slides, houses) for a whole block. There is only one way out - you need to create a fairy tale for children with your own hands.

Step 3

Surely among your neighbors there will be a carpenter, welder and drivers who can get unnecessary tires or tires from wheels, other residents will be able to buy and bring sand and paint. Planting shrubs, Canadian greenery for lawns and flowers for flower beds, and even more does not require qualifications.

Step 4

If you keep the play complex in a certain style, then how many ideas and themes for games will appear in a child's head on such a playground! Marine style - there should be a ship with a steering wheel and anchor, rope and rope ladders. Outside, there are wooden or sea animals built from tires. Fairy tale style - obligatory wooden houses, Baba-Yaga's hut, fairy-tale characters carved from wood. Forest dwellers - goblin, kikimora. Logs of trees for walking. Car parking is good if you can find a metal frame from an old car with seats and a steering wheel. All that remains is to build paths with traffic lights, a garage and a parking lot.

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