How To Equip The Playground Yourself

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How To Equip The Playground Yourself
How To Equip The Playground Yourself
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With the onset of summer, you want to spend as much time as possible with your child on the street. In this case, you need to make sure that your baby is not bored. No problem will arise if you have your own house or summer cottage. The only question that will arise before you is how to equip the playground itself?

How to equip the playground yourself
How to equip the playground yourself


Step 1

Before starting work, consider where exactly the site will be located. Note that you must keep your child in sight at all times. Set aside a place for the playground that is clearly visible from the window.

Step 2

Cover the base of the site with sand or sow with grass. Do not make wooden flooring and certainly do not fill with concrete, otherwise you will expose the child to the risk of injury.

Step 3

If you have the material capabilities, purchase ready-made plastic structures. They differ in variety and bright colors and will surely delight your little one. If this is not possible, do not despair. Create a site with your own hands. Be creative and your child will have unforgettable memories of their childhood.

Step 4

Most of all, young children love to dig in the sandbox. So make it. The main thing is to carefully process the boards so that the child does not get splinters. Give the sandbox an unusual shape. Playing in a typewriter or boat is much more interesting. To prevent debris from getting into the sandbox and so that the sand is not too blown away by the wind, come up with a funny canopy.

Step 5

No playground can do without a swing. Hang them on a fairly thick branch of a tree or create a structure with your own hands. At the same time, make sure that the pillars of the swing are dug deep and do not stagger.

Step 6

Place a small inflatable pool on the site. It will be very useful for a child in the hot summer.

Step 7

Build a complex of small stairs.

Step 8

Paint all the made elements of the playground with bright colors and paint with cheerful pictures.

Step 9

Make your child a small house or gazebo in which he can hide and receive guests. Place a bench and a table in it. The kid will like to drink tea in his own home. Now you know how to equip the playground yourself and will surely please your child with a rich summer vacation.

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