How To Equip A Living Room For A Child

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How To Equip A Living Room For A Child
How To Equip A Living Room For A Child

Video: How To Equip A Living Room For A Child

Video: How To Equip A Living Room For A Child
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Preparing for the birth of a baby, parents try to buy everything they need: a crib, a bath, a changing table, a stroller, etc. Pictures of a cozy interior of a children's room appear in my head. How to equip the baby's room according to all the rules, creating the necessary amenities for the baby and his mother?

How to equip a living room for a child
How to equip a living room for a child


Step 1

Believe me, it's not worth starting a global repair for the birth of a baby. You can only glue on new, inexpensive wallpaper. After all, the child will remain small for a very short time. Growing up, he will definitely leave his mark on the wall surfaces with chalk or pencils. Choose a light-colored wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern. If the walls and ceiling of your apartment do not collapse, it will be enough to carry out a general cleaning: wipe the dust in hard-to-reach places, shake it off of upholstered furniture, bedspreads, curtains and other things.

Step 2

It is great if you have a large apartment in which there is an opportunity to equip a separate room for the baby. Place in it everything you need for the crumbs for several years in advance: a crib, a changing table, a set of children's lockers of a height convenient for a child, a table for work (drawing), a play space, a carefully thought out place for toys, a children's sports complex. Find a small night light that doesn't interfere with your baby's sleep. Take out all unnecessary items from the child's room, remove carpets, replace heavy curtains with tulle or blinds (it will be convenient to wipe them from dust).

Step 3

If your toddler has to share his room with his parents, consider placing the most essential items. Currently, there is a wide variety of bed models on sale, including those transforming into other types of furniture, for example, a cradle or a couch. There are beds combined with a chest of drawers and a changing table. Consider this crib option if the room doesn't have a lot of free space. The main thing is that the bed has several levels, i.e. it was possible to lower the mattress lower. Do not place the baby's bed directly under the window, in direct sunlight; it should not be in a dark place or in a draft. Leave the approach to the bed as free as possible.

Step 4

Place the TV in the room so that the image when viewed is not directed at the baby. Harsh sounds and loud music have a negative effect on the child.

Step 5

The room should be easily ventilated. Maintain the temperature in it at 22-24 degrees. During the heating season, the natural humidity in the room decreases, so during this period, place a vessel with water under the baby's bed, or purchase a humidifier.

Step 6

Do not forget that very soon the baby will begin to crawl, and then walk on its own, so very soon you will have to change your idea of the interior of the children's room and the arrangement of things in it. Try, getting on all fours, crawl across the floor, looking at things with a curious child's eye. It will immediately become clear to you which things you can leave below, and which ones you should raise as high as possible

Step 7

Provide all sockets with special plugs, raise the electrical wires higher. Apply protective corners to the corners of low furniture and tables. Purchase door safety kits to avoid pinching your fingers. Put blockers on the windows: one-year-old kids climb onto the windowsills to see what is happening on the street. Remove cosmetics further away: some of them can be dangerous for the crumbs (paints and hair sprays, varnishes and nail liquids). Place the first aid kit with medicines out of the reach of the baby. Immediately lay down the principle of safety, which plays an important role in the interior of the room for the child.