How To Make Do-it-yourself Rugs

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How To Make Do-it-yourself Rugs
How To Make Do-it-yourself Rugs

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Developing rugs for babies are the first and most important simulators for developing attention, logic, memory, thinking and intelligence. There are a lot of varieties of these rugs. You can buy them or make them yourself. The second option is preferable if you like to do needlework. In addition, knowing your child, you can make such a developmental mat that will bring maximum pleasure to your baby. What kind of development rugs can you make yourself?

How to make do-it-yourself rugs
How to make do-it-yourself rugs

It is necessary

  • Base material,
  • synthetic winterizer,
  • decoration elements.


Step 1

First, choose a base for your rug. To do this, take two equal pieces of fabric of any shape. The rug can be round, oval, square or curly. Choose the size you want. It is better to take a fabric that is pleasant to the touch, warm. The fabrics for the warp can even be knitted. Connect the parts of the base to each other, putting some kind of filler between them for warmth - best of all, a synthetic winterizer. For a girl, the base can be made in the shape of a flower, for a boy - in the shape of a car or a house.

Step 2

Now let's get down to the most interesting thing - decorating the rug. Here you can give free rein to imagination. During work, be sure to use squeaking and rustling elements, fabrics that are different to the touch - silk, wool, fur, etc. Divide the rug into zones - forest, house, river, sea, meadow, etc. Decorate them accordingly and populate them with inhabitants - animals, men, fish, birds, butterflies. It is better to make these figures with Velcro, then the child can play them in story games, or, for example, go to visit.

Step 3

At the top of the rug, you can make the sky. Line it with a blue cloth. For the sun, take a round piece of fabric and sew it to the rug with filler inside. In this case, the sun will turn out to be voluminous. A yellow fringe can be sewn along its edges - these will be rays. Clouds and clouds can be done like this: take a white and blue cloth, open it in the form of clouds. Sew so that by turning the toy on one side, you get a cloud, turning the other - a cloud. Below you can sew a blue fringe that will simulate rain. For him, inside the cloud you will need a pocket in which the "rain" will hide in good weather. Sew on small pieces of Velcro on both sides of the cloud to fix them on the rug. Four identical rugs on which you will show him the change of seasons will be very interesting for the child.

Step 4

Developing rugs must be supplemented with interesting surprises and developing elements. It is better to make them in the form of small windows that can be opened by unfastening buttons, zippers, buttons or by undoing. The surprises inside can be constantly changed so that the child is always interested to know what lies there.

Step 5

Over the rug, you can make arcs from a hoop cut in half. Cover them with fabric and decorate. It is recommended to replace some elements of the rug from time to time - after all, your baby is growing, and the circle of his interests is constantly changing. However, remember that all parts of the development mat must be safe for the child - do not use low-quality materials and too small parts that he can swallow.

Step 6

When working on the creation of a rug, do not be afraid to experiment and fantasize. Remember - your baby must develop not only physically, but also mentally. A self-made developmental rug will give him the calmness, warmth and love that you put into your product.

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