How To Overcome Fears In Children

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How To Overcome Fears In Children
How To Overcome Fears In Children

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It is difficult to find a person who has never experienced fear in childhood. Children's fears are a widespread phenomenon, they are found in every child, manifesting themselves in a variety of objects and phenomena. The reasons for children's fears lie in different things, and in this article we will look at the main of these reasons, as well as ways to help children cope with their fears with their parents.

How to overcome fears in children
How to overcome fears in children


Step 1

Often there are fears caused by a dangerous situation, which caused a severe fright in the child. If a baby once was very scared of a dog, then the dog can become the object of his fear for many years. It depends on you whether the child will be able to cope with fear, or it will turn into a persistent phobia, which will move with the child into an adult state.

Step 2

Also, there are often fears that the child created in his own imagination, believing in the existence of invented objects. In addition, the fears and fears of their own parents are sometimes passed on to children, which often scare children in order to save them from any disorder or trauma.

Step 3

Never scare your little one - let him explore the world around him boldly and openly. If the child bumps or gets burned, it will pass, but it will give him an invaluable experience.

Step 4

A newborn baby experiences feelings of anxiety, fear and anxiety when he does not feel the presence of the mother next to him. In addition, babies respond well to the internal state and mood of the mother, and if the mother is anxious, the baby will also experience discomfort. At two or three years old, a child may be afraid of the dark, as well as pain, punishment, loneliness.

Step 5

When a child grows up to three or four years old, he may be afraid of invented characters living in his imagination. At six and preschool years, children may become afraid of death after learning about it from adults.

Step 6

The task of the parents is to gently and skillfully help the child cope with fears. Together with the baby, come up with a fairy tale about the thing that he is afraid of. Let the child himself propose the development of the plot, describe the main character - himself, and the secondary - the object of his fear. The tale must end with the victory of the protagonist over fear.

Step 7

Invite your child to draw their fear or depict it from plasticine, colored paper, or a construction kit. With the help of creativity, the child will be able to visualize fear, give it a name, and then destroy it - break the assembled figure or tear and burn the paper with the drawing. Praise the child for their courage and resourcefulness, let him know that he is stronger than his own fear.

Step 8

Be honest with your child - if he is afraid to portray his fear on paper, tell him that you, too, were afraid of some things when you were little.

Step 9

You can distract your child from anxiety with the help of music, singing and dancing, as well as using a mascot toy with which the baby will feel safe.

Step 10

Teach your child how to deal with any fear - the child must learn to laugh at the objects of his fear so that they disappear. Ask your child to draw fear on a piece of paper, and then draw a crown, braids, bows, a funny nose, or horns.

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