How To Choose Winter Shoes For A Child

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How To Choose Winter Shoes For A Child
How To Choose Winter Shoes For A Child

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The choice of winter shoes for a child must be taken very seriously. If the baby's feet get cold, then colds cannot be avoided. In addition to the fact that winter shoes must be warm, the quality and comfort of the product are important.

How to choose winter shoes for a child
How to choose winter shoes for a child


Step 1

Choose shoes by size. It is better to go to the store in the afternoon, in the late afternoon the child's legs swell a little, and the foot becomes larger. Ideally, when there is a gap of 1 to 1.5 centimeters between the toe of the boot and the toes of the baby. Do not buy shoes close to each other, in them the child's foot will be compressed, and the feet will freeze.

Step 2

Pay attention to the shape of the product. The toe should be wide enough for the baby to wiggle his toes freely. Choose the boot according to the thickness of the child's leg: too high and narrow will squeeze soft tissues, and in an excessively wide boot, the child's leg will dangle.

Step 3

Flip the shoe over and look at the sole. An overly stiff sole interferes with the healthy development of the foot. Choose a sole made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and should bend easily. The pattern on the heel and toe must be “versatile”, otherwise the sole will slip. To keep your foot from shifting and fidgeting, choose boots with a high and hard back.

Step 4

Material plays an important role when choosing winter footwear. The best materials for making children's shoes are leather and textiles. A universal option is leather shoes with natural fur lining. The skin "sits down" well on the shape of the child's legs, perfectly breathes and meets all hygienic requirements. The only drawback of such shoes: they are not cheap. Another good option is children's winter shoes with a membrane. The membrane is a thin perforated film with many very small holes. These shoes are lightweight, warm and moisture-proof, allowing the foot to "breathe". Shoes with a vapor-permeable membrane are multi-layered: the upper is textile, and the inside is woolen or fur lining.

Step 5

Take the time and get serious about choosing children's winter shoes. After all, an unsuccessfully selected new thing will poorly warm children's legs, cause discomfort, and also contribute to the improper development of the foot, as a result of which the child may develop flat feet.

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