Why There Are Crises By Years Of Marriage

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Why There Are Crises By Years Of Marriage
Why There Are Crises By Years Of Marriage

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Marriage is a conscious decision, the desire of two people to walk the path of life hand in hand, both in sorrow and in joy. But life brings its own, only she understands, adjustments. Unjustified hopes, betrayal and betrayal, gossip of relatives - there are many reasons for divorce.

Why there are crises by years of marriage
Why there are crises by years of marriage

First year of marriage crisis

Probably one of the most difficult stages in the life of a newlywed couple is the first year of living together. In fact, everyone buys a pig in a poke. This is the grinding-in period when young people get to know each other as closely as possible. Differences in views, habits, value orientations are revealed and float out. At this time, there is a desire to change, correct your partner, impose your attitude.

As a rule, this crisis cannot be avoided. All married couples pass through it. It is a kind of test for the strength of the spouses' desire to create a new unit of society.

This is the most dangerous period - it is fraught with internal conflict. Each of the partners is already formed as a person, but for mutual comfort it is necessary to make compromises, change and adapt for the good of the family.

Three Years Crisis

Over the years they have lived together, rather stable family relations have developed. It is after a long stay side by side that people begin to get tired of each other: sex no longer brings the former pleasure, weekdays and holidays become monotonous and cyclical.

Learn to balance: it is important to negotiate and find a compromise with your partner, understand what you both want from living together, and start realizing your desires, regardless of the difficulties that arise.

Social crisis of seven years

Of course, seven years is a conditional figure. The crisis can happen much later.

Its essence lies in the separation of spouses from each other. As a rule, by that time, children already appear, both partners have been socially formed: almost all tasks have been achieved and implemented, both in family life and in the field of self-realization. Or things have gone awry, failing to live up to the expectations that were nurtured in the soul in the earlier stages of marriage.

Relationships come to a standstill. This is a new round in the whirlpool of monotony and monotony.

The Crisis of Twenty Years, or Empty Nest Syndrome

So, the children have grown up, they have their own life, they do not need to take care of them anymore, i.e. the meaning of the last years of life is lost.

It is at this time that women are getting younger, men have intrigues and romances with young lovers.

Common interests end, everyone lives their own life, trying to fill the resulting void. It is difficult to live together again, paying attention only to each other, without being distracted by external factors. At this stage, you need to spend as much time as possible with your spouse, without fencing off various hobbies, household chores and problems at work.

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