What To Do If Your Toddler Gets Seasick In The Car

What To Do If Your Toddler Gets Seasick In The Car
What To Do If Your Toddler Gets Seasick In The Car

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The cause of the so-called "seasickness" is not fully understood by experts. According to one version, it is believed that the motion sickness process may result from the immaturity of the infant's vestibular apparatus. Although you can quite rightly argue, they say, the newborn baby was taken without problems, and after a year and a half, the torment began.

Baby in the car
Baby in the car

Indeed, the problem of a child's motion sickness in a car may not appear immediately. In most cases, babies after the age of one year encounter this. As a rule, they become more active and no longer want to follow the road in their sleep. The child begins to consider the "pictures" running outside the car window, which only worsens his condition.

Parents, who have already experienced these unpleasant moments, are desperately looking for all kinds of means that will help alleviate the condition of the baby on the road. Unfortunately, there are no universal methods. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to suffer for some time. Experts say that children "outgrow" this problem, but at what age this will happen is unknown.

A few tips that may not completely eliminate the problem, but will alleviate unpleasant symptoms. So, first of all, try installing the child seat in the front seat. This will keep your baby looking straight ahead. This can relieve him of dizziness.

Another way that is considered effective is to focus the child's attention on one subject. The point is to prevent the child from twisting their head unnecessarily. If your baby is sitting in the front or in the back seat, but strictly in the center, all his attention will be drawn only to the road. While driving, concentrate the child's attention on the cars that are going directly ahead of you.

Try to keep your baby entertained on the road. This is extremely difficult to do if the child is still very young. Do your best, however. Sing your child's favorite song, let him look at you. Play with your fingers, tell rhymes and jokes. In short, distract the child from his unpleasant state.

Take a sour apple or a couple of lemon slices with you on the road. Of course, this will not relieve your baby of "seasickness" one hundred percent. However, the sucking reflex somewhat smoothes the vomiting. If the child is older than three years old, then he can be offered sucking lollipops, sweets.

Remove all fragrances and air fresheners from the car. They only make the situation worse. It is much better if you drive with the window ajar during the warm season. And in the salon, you can place a napkin on which a few drops of essential oil, for example, eucalyptus, have been previously applied.

If all these methods do not help, then contact your pediatrician. Perhaps he will tell you a homeopathic remedy that is suitable for your baby, taking into account his age.

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