Driving A Car During Pregnancy

Driving A Car During Pregnancy
Driving A Car During Pregnancy
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Pregnancy is such a period in a woman's life when any stressful situations are completely contraindicated. A pregnant woman should not drive a car, not only because of stress, but also because of traffic accidents. It is impossible to prohibit a pregnant woman from driving a car, so only specific recommendations need to be given.

Driving a car during pregnancy
Driving a car during pregnancy

1. You need to very carefully monitor the technical condition of the car. If you suddenly feel that the car behaves strangely, makes some kind of creak, then it is imperative to show such a car to specialists in order to identify possible problems.

2. During pregnancy, the belly increases several times, this will need to be taken into account not only in the position of the seat, but also in the position of the mirrors. Check your rearview mirror regularly. The distance from the handlebars to the abdomen must be at least 10 cm.

3. Be sure, in addition to the documents for the car, you need to carry your passport and medical exchange card with you, this will allow doctors to take you to the maternity hospital in case of unforeseen circumstances or premature birth.

4. Many pregnant women drive without wearing a seat belt because they think it could harm their baby. In fact, the seat belt will not bring any harm to the baby, and the woman will be able to protect herself and the child from the terrible consequences that can be caused by an accident.

5. Never break traffic rules. This applies not only to a pregnant woman, but also to all car owners. The accident itself and a meeting with the traffic police will not lead to anything good.

6. You need to time your time so as not to get into rush hour. Avoid heavy traffic, traffic jams, choose detour routes of the route. It is harmful for a woman to sit for more than 1 hour in one position, as this can lead to circulatory problems.

7. The phone book of your cell should contain the numbers of your relatives and friends who can come to the rescue at any moment.

8. Now in car dealerships there are special stickers that indicate that a pregnant woman is driving. As practice shows, these stickers bring results.

The most important thing that a woman should remember is what she wears under her child's heart and it is extremely forbidden for her to worry. If there are no worries and problems, then the pregnancy is easy.

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