Dowry For A Newborn: Bassinet Or Cot

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Dowry For A Newborn: Bassinet Or Cot
Dowry For A Newborn: Bassinet Or Cot

Video: Dowry For A Newborn: Bassinet Or Cot

Video: Dowry For A Newborn: Bassinet Or Cot
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Buying a crib or a cradle for your baby is the choice of every expectant mother. This choice will depend on many factors: the available financial possibilities, free space in the room where the child will sleep, the preferences of the mother herself regarding the functions of the crib or bassinet, etc. Each of these pieces of children's furniture has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Dowry for a newborn: bassinet or cot
Dowry for a newborn: bassinet or cot


The cradle is also often called the cradle. It is a small crib for a baby, in which he can be rocked. Previously, cradles either had a sloping bottom and were placed on the floor, or hung from the ceiling.

Pros of using a carrycot

The cradle takes up little space. Manufacturers often equip it with wheels that make it easy to move the cradle around the room. With its very low weight, it is easy and very convenient.

The price of the cradle starts at very low levels. If you take an already used cradle, you can find it for 2-3 thousand rubles.

The most important advantage of the cradle is the ability to rock the child. Some cradle models provide for motion sickness in different planes. Sometimes manufacturers install an automatic motion sickness mechanism in the cradle design.

The presence of additional functions is also a significant plus of the cradles. These are options such as a mobile with toys over the baby's sleeping place, the ability to turn on soft dim lights or music. All these functions allow you not to buy a night light or mobile separately. In fact, you don't need to buy anything for the cradle. You just buy it and you can put your baby to bed right away.

Cons of the cradle

The small size of the carrycot turns out to be a disadvantage when it comes to the length of its use. The cradle can hold a baby for a maximum of 6 months. Firstly, the growth of the baby simply will not allow him to sleep comfortably in the cradle over time. Secondly, the sides of the cradle are very low. When a child begins to sit down, crawl, or even try to get on all fours, he can easily fall over the edge of the cradle.

Pros of a crib

Unlike a cradle, it will last much longer. Some crib models can be used for about 3 years. While the baby is just lying, the upper position of the mattress is comfortable. As soon as the baby starts to crawl or sit, the mattress is pulled down. When the child can already climb into the crib by himself, several rods are removed from the grate. So the child will not fall from the crib in a dream, but he will be able to climb into and out of it himself.

The possibility of motion sickness is also provided in some models of cots. The baby is rocked in the crib due to the sloping runners at its base. Therefore, such motion sickness is carried out only in one plane.

More often than cradles, cots are made of wood. It is safer and more pleasant to the touch than metal. The wood is always warm to touch, the blows against it are less painful. And the child will knock on the crib, despite all your vigilance.

The crib is also more convenient to use if you plan to sleep together with your child. One of its walls is simply removed and moved close to the parents' bed or sofa. When the moment of weaning from co-sleeping comes, first the removed wall is put in place, and then the crib is gradually moved away from the parents' bed.

Cons of a crib

It takes up a lot of space. If at the time of the baby's birth there is a shortage of free space in the apartment, it is better to purchase a cradle. But it should be remembered that the place will still have to be freed. Sooner or later, the baby will start sleeping in his crib.

The crib is usually quite massive and heavy. It is difficult to move it around the room. You should immediately put it in the place where it will stand for a long time.

Rarely in what models of cribs casters are provided. Their presence may be unsafe. The casters must be very strong and have a locking function. Otherwise, the grown-up child will move or rock the crib by himself.

Another disadvantage of the bed is the need to buy a lot of things: mattress, bedding, soft sides, mobile, etc. There are many aspects to consider before putting your baby in it.

It is not known whether the crib can be considered a disadvantage of its higher cost than the cradle. Indeed, in the long term, this translates into savings: the bed will be used much longer.