Why Do You Need Protection For A Baby Cot

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Why Do You Need Protection For A Baby Cot
Why Do You Need Protection For A Baby Cot

Video: Why Do You Need Protection For A Baby Cot

Video: Why Do You Need Protection For A Baby Cot
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Protection for a baby cot makes the baby's sleeping place more comfortable, beautiful and safe. You can buy or sew it yourself. The material for manufacturing must be natural, the sides must be washed regularly.

Why do you need protection for a baby cot
Why do you need protection for a baby cot

Protection for the crib - fabric bumpers that are attached around its perimeter. You can buy them in a store, order online, or make your own from woven material and soft filler. Safety fences are available in different sizes and heights. Their use is advisable for young children under 2 years old.

It is believed that the use of bumpers can be harmful. The main arguments of the opponents of this accessory:

- dust collects in the fabric and filler;

- the fence interferes with the flow of fresh air;

- protection interferes with observing the child.

Regular washing will prevent dust from accumulating on the surface and inside the sides. The walls of the protection are not an obstacle for air circulation, since the material cannot completely block the air flows. Protection is available in different heights, you can choose a model that protects the child and preserves visibility.

Purpose of protection

Bumpers protect babies during play, rest and sleep. The walls of the crib are hard enough that the baby can hit them hard when playing or rolling over. The baby can accidentally hit the head, push the arm or leg through the bed bars. As a result, you can injure your skin, dislocate a limb, or be very frightened.

Bumpers protect the bed from drafts. They perform not only practical functions, but can also decorate a crib and entertain a child who will be happy to look at the depicted animals or fairy-tale characters, and communicate with them.

Children fall asleep more easily in a crib with sides, since their attention is not distracted by extraneous things.

The barrier will prevent toys and pacifiers from falling out of the bed.

The right choice and care

The barrier must be made of natural materials and will only take a few minutes to install. The product must be washed periodically to get rid of accumulated dust.

It is advisable to do this weekly, and when choosing sides, pay attention to models that can withstand machine wash. It is better to hang out for drying in fresh air, usually it takes a little time for complete drying.

For the crib, it is advisable to choose a barrier of calm pastel colors with drawings. Bright colors have a stimulating effect on the psyche, which makes it difficult to relax and sleep peacefully. While awake, babies love to look at images or try to reach for them with a pen.

The correct choice and care of the bumpers for the baby cot will make the baby's sleeping place more comfortable and safe.