Male Secrets Or What Men Don't Tell Women

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Male Secrets Or What Men Don't Tell Women
Male Secrets Or What Men Don't Tell Women

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Men, with all their outward brutality, are quite vulnerable. There are things that the stronger sex will never admit to a woman. Every man has his own "list of secrets", but there are seven common themes "under the ban".

Male secrets or what men don't tell women
Male secrets or what men don't tell women

Let's talk about beauty

Most men don't like to tell women the truth about their appearance. Experienced husbands and lovers know that when asked by a loved one about her outfit, hairstyle or figure, it is better not to leave caustic or truthfully harsh comments. Most often, such straightforwardness will turn against them and result in either an offense or a quarrel.

The best reaction to the topic of female beauty is a compliment or correct silence. If the appearance of the other half is of serious concern, it is better to present her with a certificate to a beauty salon.

There is also a method to motivate his lady to put her body in order - the man himself to play sports and be in good physical shape. No talk is as powerful as personal example.

Strength and masculinity

It is very important for men to be “on horseback”. Strength, leadership, success, career growth, financial well-being - these are the criteria that determine the "weight" of a man in society.

Many men are afraid to look weak and lost in the eyes of their women. That is why they prefer not to talk about problems at work or do it casually.

Also, men are very reluctant to admit their fears and weaknesses. The stronger sex often keeps its childhood traumas and hidden phobias a secret. Agree, a brutal man who climbed onto a chair at the sight of a mouse or a spider looks very comical in women's eyes.

Men talk about the fear of heights, confined space or crowds of people, but they are also very reluctant. Few of them will reveal their weaknesses, especially at the beginning of a love relationship.

The reluctance of men to show their incompetence in everyday matters belongs to the same category. Some are afraid to admit that they do not know the road and have been wandering aimlessly along the route for an hour, others are afraid of their inability to "hammer a nail" or of obvious gaps in education. Although in this case men are doing themselves a "disservice", because it is much easier to call a master and pay for his work than to mess around with a breakdown in front of a woman to no avail.

As for money, wanting to impress the lady they like, some men hide their real wealth and may even go into debt, but “keep the brand”. It happens that men are ashamed to admit that they simply cannot afford a certain thing. Therefore, they invent all sorts of ways, go for tricks or simply take loans to surprise, conquer, or just please the woman they love.

There is a downside to the question of money. There is a category of men so insecure who can end a relationship with a woman just because she earns more than them.

Personal life

Most of the things that a man does not admit to a woman relate to his personal life.

Firstly, we are talking about previous relationships, especially if it was a serious feeling and a painful parting for a man. Sometimes women are very cruel and selfish in love, many literally crush a partner under themselves, and then throw them with reproaches for his failure and spinelessness. Therefore, it is unlikely that a man will tell a new passion about his failures on the love front, except in general terms and quite a bit.

According to psychologists, men are much easier to offend than women. They just perfectly hide their real emotions behind a mask of indifference. In the eyes of his beloved woman, a man is afraid to look sad, irritated or vulnerable, which is why men rarely admit that they are greatly offended by female jokes, claims or ridicule.

A real man will not tell his woman about negative feedback from his relatives or friends about her. If it seems to you that someone from the environment of your man does not like you, perhaps this is true, but you will definitely not hear it from your beloved.

The topic of jealousy is also very controversial. Some men literally boil and almost rush with fists at those who dare to flirt with his chosen one, while others, on the contrary, do not show that they are offended by this topic.

In order not to upset their woman once again or provoke her into a conflict, most men will not tell that other ladies are actively showing him signs of attention.

Well, the classic of the genre is treason. It is unlikely that any man will willingly tell his other half about his infidelity. The overwhelming majority of men do not admit to treason to the last. Some, and so masterly lie that women do not even have a shadow of doubt about the honesty of their "knights".

Some men do not tell their women about their intimate sexual fantasies. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, they are afraid to seem vulgar or even perverts, and secondly, they are afraid to simply scare or make their partner laugh.

Particularly suspicious and scandalous persons may find such a confession suspicious or even offensive.


Some men choose to keep their health problems a secret. Most of the stronger sex do not like to go to doctors and postpone the visit until the last.

And if the problem is serious, they try not to disturb their relatives and hide the diagnosis. In addition, men think that when they complain of sores, they look weak.

Problems of an intimate nature are considered a special taboo. In this case, they will be silent "like partisans", especially when it comes to potency or sexually transmitted diseases.

From time to time, men, of course, need support and sympathy, but in general they do not like to complain about the life of women.

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