How To Make A Husband Always Want Only A Wife

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How To Make A Husband Always Want Only A Wife
How To Make A Husband Always Want Only A Wife

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Long-term living under one roof and living together somewhat dull the intensity of passions between spouses. Making love turns into fulfilling a conjugal duty. It will take some effort to avoid this.

How to make a husband always want only a wife
How to make a husband always want only a wife

Watch yourself, not your husband

Men love with their eyes. Battered but true. A wife exhausted by household chores in a dressing gown and worn-out slippers is unlikely to arouse sexual desire. And in the expression "conjugal duty" the key word will be "duty". Bath cleaning can be sacrificed for a visit to the hairdresser. Transfer some of the household chores to your husband or children, if their age permits.

Spend more time on yourself and taking care of your appearance. Smooth skin, slim figure, new hairstyle, sexy lingerie - all this makes a woman self-confident. Confident and beautiful women attract the looks of other men. Men always want women that everyone likes. And your husband is no exception. The logical chain is simple.

Experiment in the bedroom

According to statistics, more than 50% of women use refusal to have sex with their husbands as punishment or for educational purposes. Not having pleasure at home, your husband will go to look for him elsewhere. Do not deny your husband sex, but, on the contrary, take the initiative. Seducing your own husband can please you too. He needs to feel desirable and sexy. Remind him often of what a wonderful lover he is. A romantic candlelit champagne dinner that flows smoothly into a night of love is a great idea.

Consider that the husband may want other women, not because they are better, but because they are different. Become different for him, embody his sexual fantasies. Let him wonder who is waiting for him in the bedroom today - a submissive slave or an imperious mistress. Surely over the years of marriage, you have found those positions in which both enjoy. However, variety never hurts. If you want to preserve passion in a relationship - look into a sex shop, watch an erotic film, browse the Kamasutra. Make it clear that you are ready to experiment. Sexual fantasies will always be in your husband's head, so let them be directed towards you.

Keep your distance

According to the research of the famous psychotherapist Esther Perel, men and women experience the greatest attraction to their partner when they are apart and anticipate the joy of meeting. It is not necessary to travel to different cities to give the husband an opportunity to get bored. You can also distance yourself at home. Create your own personal space. There is no need to dissolve in the affairs and concerns of the family. Find something to do only for yourself. Go to a cafe with your girlfriends, to fitness, to the pool, and even to courses in cutting and sewing. If your evening conversations boil down to a discussion of children's grades and tomorrow's menu, you turn into an open book for your husband, which is no longer so exciting to read. You need to have your own interests in order to become interesting to others.

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