Why Does A Husband Not Want A Wife After Giving Birth

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Why Does A Husband Not Want A Wife After Giving Birth
Why Does A Husband Not Want A Wife After Giving Birth

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Many spouses are faced with the fact that the husband grows cold towards his wife after the birth of the child. But even men themselves cannot accurately answer the question of why this is happening. The birth of a baby should bring his parents closer together, but the husband and wife become business partners rather than lovers.

why does the husband not want a wife after giving birth
why does the husband not want a wife after giving birth

Why a husband doesn't want a wife after giving birth: common reasons

The first reason is psychological, but few people think about it. The fact is that when a woman becomes a mother, she radically changes her attitude towards life. First of all, this affects the people around her and, to a greater extent, on her own spouse. If earlier she was just a wife, then after the appearance of a child, maternal instincts wake up in her with renewed vigor, unfortunately, they extend not only to the baby, but also to her husband - a woman begins to educate her husband, and he begins to see in her not a friend and mistress, but his own mother. You don't even have to think about sexual attraction in such a situation.

The second reason is quite obvious: the baby takes a lot of time and effort from both spouses. During the day, a man spends time at work, and in the evening he devotes it to his child, not his wife. The wife, in turn, spins all day like a squirrel in a wheel, even in the evening this crazy race almost does not stop. Naturally, the atmosphere that prevails in a house where there is a small child is unlikely to contribute to a harmonious and regular intimate life. This does not mean that there is no sex at all, it is there, but not in that quantity, and not in the same quality as before.

The last reason is changes in the spouse's appearance. A woman's body changes after childbirth, many mothers gain kilograms both during and after pregnancy. In such a situation, there is no particular fault of the husband for the extinction of desire. Even with a minimal amount of free time, a woman should try to take care of herself in order to look, if not sexy, then at least well-groomed and attractive. This will benefit not only the family, but also the psychological state of the woman - a beautiful reflection in the mirror cheers up and makes you more confident.

How to get your husband back after childbirth

Of course, there may be more than three reasons why a man does not want his wife after childbirth, but there is a way out.

First, patience should be shown, because the child grows quickly enough, over time there are fewer worries, and the woman has the opportunity to gradually return to her usual way and rhythm of life. In addition, spouses have more free time to devote to each other.

Secondly, you need to give each other time to get used to new roles in the family, because both the man and the woman are experiencing stress.

Conclusion: if a man and a woman truly love each other, then the temporary absence of a regular and full-fledged sex life is an emerging phenomenon that needs to be experienced. Many families face this problem, but with patience, most of them manage to establish ideal intimate relationships after 2-3 years, and sometimes even earlier.

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