When The Belly Drops In Pregnant Women

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When The Belly Drops In Pregnant Women
When The Belly Drops In Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy is a great time during which a woman looks especially beautiful. However, such beauty gives the girls themselves some inconvenience or constant thoughts about, for example, when the belly will go down before giving birth.

When the belly drops in pregnant women
When the belly drops in pregnant women

The reasons why the stomach goes down

If we proceed from physiology, you probably know that during pregnancy, the constantly enlarging uterus gradually changes the position of the organs that are in the abdominal cavity. This process is considered not only normal, but also inevitable. Often, the stomach of a woman expecting the birth of a child is almost under the very ribs, because of this, heartburn most often occurs.

Also, the stomach can press on the lungs, which makes it difficult for women to breathe later in pregnancy.

From about the very beginning of the ninth month of pregnancy, the belly of many women begins to gradually sink. This is directly related to the fact that the child, preparing for the early birth, occupies a special position, which in other words is called presentation. The head presentation is most often observed, but some other options are possible. In preparation for childbirth, the baby's head takes a position in the woman's pelvis.

If in the early stages of pregnancy the head was in the mother's abdominal cavity, in the last weeks of pregnancy it is located in the pelvis.

After lowering the abdomen, the woman begins to feel much lighter. Her shortness of breath gradually goes away, and bouts of heartburn, which previously could torment both day and night, become more rare. This is due to the fact that after the baby is moved to the pelvic region, the vacated space is occupied by the stomach, intestines, and liver compressed before.

When can the belly go down in pregnant women?

Most often, the belly drops around the middle of the third trimester. But the body of a pregnant woman is always individual, therefore, due to various factors, a wide variety of cases can occur in reality. In some women, the belly can go down even in the thirtieth week of pregnancy, when in another woman the belly does not go down even just before childbirth, for example, at the thirty-ninth week. There are also cases when the stomach remains in its original place until the very birth.

Do not forget that the time when the belly sank often does not indicate the approach of childbirth. If a woman is giving birth for the first time, the period for abdominal prolapse can vary from 2 days to 4 weeks before resolution. And no one will say how much time is left before the birth. But based on statistics, very often the belly drops about three weeks before the upcoming birth.

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