How To Make A Man Get Used To You

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How To Make A Man Get Used To You
How To Make A Man Get Used To You

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No matter how men and women complain about boredom and monotony, fearing, like fire, the terrible verdict "this is not love, but a habit," psychologists still say: a relationship based on habit is not the worst option. The main thing to understand is the habit of the habit of strife.

How to make a man get used to you
How to make a man get used to you

Good habit

Sexologists and psychologists have similar opinions: after some time, love loses its colors, the fire of passion cannot burn forever. Each couple is individual, therefore, everyone experiences the crisis period of extinction in their own way: someone breaks up and breaks up, others continue to live with each other. The second option is possible only if both are accustomed to the good that is in their relationship, and no one is ready to give up their usual comfort. No wonder they say that they quickly get used to good things. Therefore, in order for a man to quickly get used to a woman, she must evoke the maximum number of positive associations in him.

The first thing worth paying attention to is, of course, everyday life. Sleep softly, eat deliciously, put on clean clothes - these are the primary needs of a normal man. He will quickly get used to the fact that there is someone who gives him the opportunity to forget about the problem of a second sock, dirty pots and a hanging mouse in the refrigerator.

Secondly, a man must get used to returning to a cozy home, where he is always welcome and not greeted with a hundred claims at the door. During mass emancipation, when every second girl is more likely to acquire the book How to Become a Bitch than How to Become a Good Wife, women who can create an atmosphere of "home fortress" are valued by men worth their weight in gold.

What to fear

Constantly engaged in organizing the comfortable living conditions of a loved one, a woman risks a lot. First of all, devoting all of herself to him, she will expect a constant expression of gratitude from him. This is a kind of trap, because a man thinks in slightly different categories. After all, a person does not delight every day with the opportunity to breathe or walk. It's the same here. For a man, an organized life is just as natural. Therefore, a woman should not be offended by the lack of everyday laudatory odes addressed to her, it is better to learn how to enjoy the process. After all, she also lives in this house and eats the same food, which means she does it not only for him.

For the sake of fairness, it is worth saying that even having become an ideal housewife who does not flaunt around the house in old pajamas, but looks neat and seductive, a woman is not immune from parting with her beloved man. There can always be one who cooks tastier and accepts warmer, besides, in bed with her everything will be interesting and new.

But there is something else that men treasure very much - this is friendship. For the sake of new extreme sensations, he will most likely be able to leave a well-groomed woman and a good housewife, but he is unlikely to sacrifice his best friend and colleague. A woman will be necessary for her man, like air, if she shares his interests, she will be able to become a grateful listener, an interesting interlocutor, reliable support, while always remaining a little self-sufficient and independent.

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