How To Know If He Wants Children From You

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How To Know If He Wants Children From You
How To Know If He Wants Children From You

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Sometimes it happens that the house is a full cup, and the parents of the spouses are at a respectful distance from the young family, and the question of children is still open. If you want children, and your husband keeps a significant silence on this matter, you can most likely find out by analyzing his attitude towards you and family values, whether he wants children from you.

How to know if he wants children from you
How to know if he wants children from you


Step 1

Analyze your relationships, including intimate ones. It is very important how carefully your husband treats you, unless you had any preferences about which you agreed with him in advance. Tenderness and respectful attitude is very important in order to understand whether a man wants children in general and from you. Of course, it is worth considering his temperament, but if you have been together for a long enough time, then you are already used to the peculiarities of his character.

Step 2

Remember how the man was collected and responsible in solving problems in the family. If he (at least at first) did not turn to you or anyone else for help, then most likely he is a good enough future father. Chat with his friends. If they evaluate him as a decent person and immediately remember the cases when he came to their aid, then this is a good sign.

Step 3

Remember what kind of relationship exists in the family of his parents. But even if his parents adore children, this does not mean that your husband adheres to this position. Listen to how he talks about his parents when they are not around. An overly nurtured child can internally protest against blind parental love, and this internal rejection usually then haunts him all his life. In this case, the husband may not talk about mom or dad at all, or remember them only in connection with some significant reasons (wedding day, anniversary). If a healthy relationship existed in his family, then this does not yet speak in favor of the fact that your husband wants children, since various circumstances could arise that prevent him from positively perceiving potential offspring.

Step 4

Pay attention to the relationship between your parents and your husband. Usually, after the birth of a child, the mother-in-law, taking care of both the grandson and the daughter, almost settles in the apartment of a young family, which your husband may not like. Firstly, because a man ceases to feel comfortable when a stranger is constantly in the house, in fact, a person. Secondly, if a man takes responsibility for his family, then he becomes at least annoyed that someone is trying to shift some of the responsibility onto himself, albeit with the best intentions.

Step 5

If your husband grew up in an incomplete family (with his mother), then his negative attitude towards the possibility of paternity may be influenced by the fear of responsibility for the unborn child. In addition, if his mother spoke hostilely about her ex-husband, then this could also have a bad effect on your husband's attitude towards children, since he is afraid that you, in the event of a breakdown, will behave in the same way as his mother.

Step 6

If this is not your first marriage with your husband or he has a child, pay attention to how he talks about his former family, whether he meets the children on his own initiative. If you already have children, ask them how your stepfather treats them when your husband is not around. If the kids say they don't like him, don't jump to conclusions. Perhaps your spouse is subconsciously jealous of your ex-husband, but wants children from you. And if they almost from the first days start telling him "dad", which he is only happy with, they play with him or do household chores without pressure, then rejoice too: your husband really loves your children, and therefore you. Therefore, a new child is only a matter of time.

Step 7

If your husband has younger sisters or brothers, then when you meet them, pay attention to how they talk about your husband. If with enough warmth and without much resentment, then your husband did not deliberately hurt them when they were little. If he has nephews and nieces, and they love an uncle, try to meet with them more often. Remember that brothers and sisters always seem to be in competition with each other. This may lead your husband to think about children in your family.

Step 8

Ask him directly about this, because there should be no misunderstandings in the family on important issues. If he turns the conversation to another topic or does not answer directly, then he is not yet ready to make that decision. And don't ask him this question too often, wait at least a few months before asking him again.

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