How To Know If A Man Wants You

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How To Know If A Man Wants You
How To Know If A Man Wants You

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When meeting a man, women get nervous and try to recognize his opinion of themselves. It is not customary to ask such things directly, but you can understand whether a man wants to get to know you better if you carefully observe him.

How to know if a man wants you
How to know if a man wants you


Step 1

A man who sees an attractive woman is transformed before our eyes. Straightens the back, tries to be taller, straightens the shoulders and draws in the stomach. Instinctively, he begins to smarten up - straightens his tie, brushes the dust off his jacket, smoothes his hair.

Step 2

His gaze wanders over the figure of the woman he likes. Even if he is talking to her, his eyes from time to time drop below the face and examine the silhouette, assessing the curves and roundness. At the same time, the pupils are narrowed, and the eyes may be slightly squinted. Some ladies describe this look as “undressing”, because the man seems to represent the girls without clothes. Such a ritual lasts longer than the standard study examination, when the gaze slides over the visiting guest to evaluate him.

Step 3

His hands, too, cannot keep in place. Seeing an attractive woman, a man unconsciously puts them on his hips or belt. Sometimes he can hide his thumb in the slit of the pockets or tuck it behind the belt. Thus, he emphasizes his masculine strength and demonstrates an active readiness for action.

Step 4

If a man is sitting, then, getting excited, he puts his legs wider than usual. While standing, he also spreads his legs further than usual, and turns his socks towards an attractive lady. On this basis, one can easily determine which of the women present he is trying to impress.

Step 5

If a man knows a woman, he proceeds to more explicit hints about his desire. When communicating, he tries to touch the person he likes as often as possible. Gradually, his touches can become longer and more intimate. But it is customary to start with the palm and hand below the elbow, so as not to frighten off the girl. Later, he can rise to the forearm, waist and further, defining the boundaries of what is permitted.

Step 6

When a man wants a certain woman, he begins to unconsciously copy her behavior. He nods after the girl, turns his head, changes the position of his arms and posture. This method helps to tune in to the same wavelength and helps to get closer to the person.

Step 7

When a man is excited, his voice changes slightly. He becomes quieter so that the girls lean in closer, trying to hear the phrase. And the timbre gets lower, which sounds sexier for women. And in speeches, you can hear a lot of compliments, a keen interest in the interlocutor and some ambiguous phrases that may hint at physical intimacy.

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