How To Marry A Georgian

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How To Marry A Georgian
How To Marry A Georgian

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When choosing a potential husband, few girls strive to ensure that he is necessarily Georgian. But, often it is men of this nationality who know how to win a woman's heart, and go to great lengths to literally charm their beloved, showering with compliments and gifts.

How to Marry a Georgian
How to Marry a Georgian


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As a rule, Georgian men are attractive and temperamental, moreover, they rarely limit the usual way of life of their chosen one until she becomes a legal spouse. A passionate and vibrant relationship sometimes ends with a long-awaited marriage proposal, and that's when the future wife must carefully weigh her decision. Finding a Georgian in Russia is not at all a problem; it is much more difficult to become the only one to whom he will make an offer.

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The first thing to think about is where the young people will live. If a woman is about to move to her husband's homeland, a lot will change in her life. Even in big cities, where traditions are not strictly adhered to, there are many restrictions that you will have to immediately accept. In small regional centers, and even more so in villages, they attach great importance to customs: first of all, this concerns relations with the husband's family members and some lack of freedom of the woman herself.

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Patriarchy almost always reigns in Georgian families, but this is not so bad, given the infantilism and irresponsibility of many men from among our compatriots. Showing feminine wisdom and gentleness, you can live a long and happy life with your Georgian husband, behind whom the woman will feel like “behind a stone wall”.

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The husband's loyalty or unfaithfulness will also have to be treated differently than is customary in the vastness of our homeland. Small intrigues are not considered by the Georgian husbands to be treason, and will not cause them the slightest remorse. At the same time, the wife cannot afford even a slight harmless flirtation and must be faithful to her husband, both in body and soul.

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Another unusual detail of family life with a Georgian is the fact that, as a rule, he does not participate at all in housework and does not provide his wife with any assistance in this matter. The upbringing of children is also the exclusive prerogative of the mother.

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But, as in any issue where love is in charge, you can adapt to such details. On the other hand, Georgians, in their absolute majority, honor the family, the elderly, and, importantly, are Orthodox. So, the woman probably won't have any difficulties with her Muslim husband. There is no female or male half of the house here, and the woman, along with the men, participates in magnificent and frequent celebrations. As for the upbringing of children, you can confidently count on their respect, as well as on the support and support of your husband until old age.

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