How To Determine Your Temperament In Sex

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How To Determine Your Temperament In Sex
How To Determine Your Temperament In Sex

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Sexual need is often called one of the most important in people's lives. In women and men, attitudes towards sex are completely different, and, therefore, temperaments are also different.

Seksualniy temperament
Seksualniy temperament


Step 1

In both women and men, sexual temperament can be of three types: high, medium and low. A high type of sexual temperament can be found much more often in men than in women. This is due to the diversity of the hormonal system. Low and medium type of temperament is less common.

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For people with low sexual temperament, intimate life is not the main thing. They are able to have sex less than once a month. Long abstinence in such people is tolerated quite easily. Women with this temperament like foreplay in sex.

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For people with an average type of sexual temperament, sex is a recurring passion in a relationship. These people don't really need intercourse. From sex, they receive not only physical but also emotional satisfaction. Such people in the process of sexual intercourse highly value the manifestation of feelings. They should have sex at least three times a week.

Step 4

A person with a high sexual temperament will be characterized by a great desire, an unbearable craving for experiments and constant excitement. Puberty for this type of person is much faster than that of their peers. They begin their sexual life from the age of 12-13. Growing up, they want sex almost daily.

Step 5

The most pronounced sexual temperament in brunettes. Their body is completely covered with hair, and there is a hairline on their belly. Men with such characteristics have high levels of the hormone testosterone, which has a positive effect on intimate life.

Step 6

The weakest sexual temperament is in thin and tall men. Most often they have blonde hair. Sex for such people is practically not interesting.

Step 7

The lips are very good at informing about the sexual temperament of the partner. A person who prefers sexual pleasures will have fuller and thicker lips than others. It is especially necessary to pay attention to the lower lip. It is she who is considered the most accurate indicator. For fans of passion and sex games, the lower lip will be thick.

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