How To Determine The Sex Of A Child By The Belly

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How To Determine The Sex Of A Child By The Belly
How To Determine The Sex Of A Child By The Belly

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The sex of the long-awaited baby is the main intrigue that worries every woman throughout her pregnancy. Since ancient times, many ways have been known to help open the veil of secrecy. People use a variety of charts to determine what gender a child should be born in their family. Modern medicine with the help of ultrasound with almost 100% accuracy can answer an exciting question. But besides this, there are many folk signs.

How to determine the sex of a child by the belly
How to determine the sex of a child by the belly

Sex determination by belly

From generation to generation, signs are passed on how to guess who - a boy or a girl - a pregnant woman is waiting for, just by looking closely at her belly. Of course, all these signs refer to the third trimester of pregnancy.

The fact that a son will soon appear in the family is evidenced by the woman's neat little tummy. At the same time, he stands clearly forward. Often such a belly is compared in shape with a cucumber, since it has an oblong oval shape. If you look at the expectant mother from the back, then you might not even guess about her pregnancy, because the belly does not protrude on the sides and, therefore, it is completely invisible.

The opposite signs suggest the imminent birth of a little girl. At the same time, a pregnant woman has an oblong oval belly. In the last stages, it looks quite large and voluminous. In this case, the tummy increases in all directions, making the waist noticeably wider. And even from the back you can see that the woman in front is expecting a baby.

Among the folk signs there is another one. It is said that a pregnant woman's belly can be high or low. A high tummy is typical for mothers of daughters, and it usually begins straight from the chest. Women expecting a son have a lower belly.

You can also take a closer look at the shape of the belly of the future mom. If the tummy is pointed, then the probability of the birth of a son is high, but a round belly suggests that a daughter will soon appear in the family.

The abdomen is displaced to the right - expect a son, and to the left - a daughter.

A thread with a needle will also help in this matter. Hold the needle over your belly. If she describes circles - expect a son, and if she sways to the sides - a daughter.

The scientific basis for the data will accept

Modern medicine strongly disagrees with the fact that the shape of a pregnant woman's abdomen unmistakably indicates what gender the baby will soon appear. This is usually the case for women with well-developed abdominal muscles. Often during the second pregnancy, the mother's tummy will also be "high". And this does not depend on the gender of the baby.

Officially, none of the methods for determining the sex of a baby is recognized as 100% accurate.

A wide belly, which is visible from behind, may also be because the fetus is located sideways. Consequently, the sign of the size of the abdomen does not always find confirmation in practice.

Everyone decides for himself whether to believe the omens or not. And only after giving birth can we say with confidence what gender the baby appeared in each particular family.

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