When And How To Determine The Sex Of The Child

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When And How To Determine The Sex Of The Child
When And How To Determine The Sex Of The Child

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Every woman will accept and love her child, be it a boy or a girl. For some, this feeling comes with the onset of pregnancy, for others - later, during the care of the baby. However, many parents-to-be believe that a conscious and responsible approach to having children involves planning a pregnancy and determining the sex of the baby even before birth.

When and how to determine the sex of the child
When and how to determine the sex of the child

It is necessary

  • - ovulation test;
  • - invasive research;
  • - ultrasound diagnostics.


Step 1

To find out the sex of the unborn child, you need to understand how and when it is formed. Nature is so wise and far-sighted that it independently regulates the sex ratio. In particular, the male embryo is more likely to succumb to negative influences than the female embryo. That is why the male fetus is more likely to die in early pregnancy. Sometimes this happens almost imperceptibly, and the pregnancy remains imperceptible. Perhaps this situation is explained by the fact that the sperm with the Y chromosome moves faster, and the sperm with the X chromosome retains its viability longer and often survives until the moment of ovulation.

Step 2

Knowing the features of conception, you can try to plan the sex of the child. For example, if you want a girl, then conception should take place a few days before ovulation. If you abstain from sexual intercourse for one week and try to conceive a child on the day of ovulation or 1 day before it occurs, most likely you will have a boy.

Step 3

You can determine what gender your baby will be born with using an ultrasound scan. With its help, specialists determine the degree of development of internal organs, diagnose possible pathologies and malformations, and also determine by the appearance of the genitals who the pregnant woman is carrying: a boy or a girl. In principle, the formation of genitals ends by 12-14 weeks of pregnancy, which means that an experienced specialist already at 4 months can with a high degree of probability discern the sex of the baby during ultrasound diagnostics. However, in order to obtain the most correct result, doctors recommend that expectant mothers address this issue at 21-22 weeks of pregnancy.

Step 4

The sex of the child can be determined using invasive examinations. To do this, a puncture is made in the abdominal wall and blood is taken from the umbilical cord, a piece of the placenta or a little amniotic fluid for analysis. Since such manipulations are unsafe, they are performed only in order to exclude suspicions of a genetic pathology of the fetus. Determining the sex of the child is an additional research result.

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