What Are Beautiful Christian Names For Girls

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What Are Beautiful Christian Names For Girls
What Are Beautiful Christian Names For Girls

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Waiting for the birth of a girl, future parents begin to look for female names, interested in their semantic meaning. All parents want a beautiful name not only to adorn their daughter, but also to protect her in difficult life situations.

What are beautiful Christian names for girls
What are beautiful Christian names for girls

Some Recommendations

The name of the child should be combined with the traits and characteristics of his character, have a beneficial effect on behavior, and most importantly, help and protect.

When choosing a name for a girl, it is imperative to take into account the time of her birth, because the very fact of birth at a certain time of the year has a fundamental impact on the fate of a person. The next step in the process of naming a child is choosing a name according to its meaning. Parents will have to study in detail the origin of the name they like. Well, after that it remains only to choose.

According to Orthodox traditions, it is customary to name a newborn baby in honor of the saint, whose memorial day is celebrated on the child's birthday or on the day of his name (on the eighth day from birth).

When choosing Orthodox names for girls, it is necessary to take into account the fact that during baptism the name can be changed if it does not fully comply with the canon. So Pauline will be baptized as Apollinaria, and Jeanne - John. Choosing a sonorous name with a good meaning for your baby, it will be useful to see how it will sound together with the last name and patronymic.

What's in your name

Very familiar and familiar female names Nadezhda, Vera and Lyubov. Their meaning is very symbolic and everyone understands. But only a few know that they came to the Russian language by direct translation of the ancient Greek concepts "pistis, elpis and agape".

The female version of the male name Anastas among the Orthodox sounds like Anastasia. For Christians, this beautiful female name is associated with the words resurrection and immortality. Anastasias are endowed with an easy character with a surprisingly unbending will, pity, mercy and fortitude. Nastya is always ready to help and by profession is most often a medical worker, teacher or psychologist.

From the very birth, Irina has been distinguished by a purposeful firm character and can give an accurate assessment of the current situation. “Giving calmness and peace” Irina always counts only on her own strength, striving to be independent and independent all the time.

The name of Zoreslav speaks for itself. Girls who bear this rare Orthodox name are cheerful and sociable, quickly and easily get to know others. Growing up, they carefully analyze any situation in order to make the right decision on their own.

For Melania, it is very important to dominate always and everywhere. She will not figure out whether she needs this victory, the main thing is that she must win. Conflicts do not frighten her at all, but only provoke her.

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