How To Conceive A Boy

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How To Conceive A Boy
How To Conceive A Boy

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Most married couples think about the gender of their unborn child long before conception. Many men and women believe that a boy must be born first in their family. But how do you turn this idea into reality? Because the question of planning the sex of the future baby is very relevant today, there are many tips and tricks on how to conceive a boy.

The issue of planning the sex of the future baby is very relevant today
The issue of planning the sex of the future baby is very relevant today


Step 1

To increase the likelihood of conceiving a boy, parents-to-be should refrain from intimacy for 3-4 days before the calculated date of ovulation. This will help increase the number of "male" sperm.

Step 2

Sexual intercourse, which, according to the plans of the spouses, will bring them their long-awaited son, should take place exactly on the day of the woman's ovulation. 15-20 minutes after intimacy, the spouse should lie down calmly, without making any sudden movements.

Step 3

A week before the planned conception of a boy, a man should avoid overheating, including insulated underwear and hot baths.

Step 4

To conceive a boy, a woman must have an orgasm during intercourse before her man.

Step 5

There is an opinion that the sex of the unborn child is determined by the youthfulness of the blood of his parents. A man and a woman should remember which of them and how long ago they lost more blood. It is believed that the future baby will be born of the same sex with a parent whose blood is younger. When calculating, one should rely on the fact that a woman's blood is renewed within 3 years, and a man's blood - every 4 years.

Step 6

Some believe that the future baby adopts the sex of the more active parent in everything. Those. a man from a married couple who dreams of conceiving a boy should become a leader in everything, including in bed, before planning a baby.

Step 7

The most likely conception of a boy is facilitated by the special diet of the future father. Compliance with a special diet should begin one month before the planned conception. The products of this diet include: fish, meat, potatoes, mushrooms, lentils, dates, peaches, bananas, apricots, oranges, caffeine. In addition, it is recommended to add more salt to the food. A month before the planned conception, foods such as green beans, raw cabbage, nuts, and green salad should be excluded from a man's diet.

Step 8

In order to conceive a boy, according to ancient beliefs, one should not have sexual intercourse on a full moon or new moon. For the conception of a boy, a quarter of the moon is considered an auspicious time.

Step 9

Conception of a boy is most facilitated by sexual intercourse in the "man behind" position.

Step 10

Some statistical studies have shown that the younger a woman is, the more likely she is to conceive a boy.

Step 11

Statistics also show that overweight women are much more likely to conceive a boy than thin ones.

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