How To Leave Your Husband If You Don't Love

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How To Leave Your Husband If You Don't Love
How To Leave Your Husband If You Don't Love

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They say that in this world every person has their own half, but, unfortunately, not everyone can find it. There are few such happy women who met the man of their dreams the first time and immediately created a strong family. Often, after several years of marriage, a woman realizes that there is no love. And if she wants to find that one and only real one with whom she is ready to go her way to the end, she needs to break off relations with her former husband. And this is not easy at all.

How to leave your husband if you don't love
How to leave your husband if you don't love


Step 1

Before you break up with your husband, make sure that you do not have any warm feelings for him. Perhaps you yourself do not even realize that you love him, but now you are just tired of the routine, boring life and want some kind of change. Try to imagine your life without him. Will you be happy? Maybe you should try living apart for a while first. You will rest, put things in order in your soul and even then determine whether you should leave your husband.

Step 2

If after such a check it became clear to you that it is necessary to say goodbye, do not postpone the explanation until later, because whenever a break occurs, it will hurt. Don't waste your time.

Step 3

Be prepared for the fact that, perhaps, others will not understand you and your friends will condemn you. You will not be able to explain or justify anything to them, especially if your husband is an example of purity and decency. But all this will pass. Remember that this is your life and your search for happiness, to which you have every right.

Step 4

To end the relationship more gently, try to gradually distance yourself from your husband. Take care of your career and your own affairs, be on business trips more often, nullify intimate relationships, as well as kissing, touching, etc. If your husband isn't in love with you either, then this tactic might work. But be prepared for the fact that your husband will inflame more passion for you.

Step 5

In this case, you cannot do without a frank conversation with him. State your decision firmly, but delicately and with detailed explanations of your action. Be correct and talk about how you regret your breakup. You should not show a person who, perhaps, treats you with love, his joy or relief.

Step 6

Try to stay calm. You should not stoop to scandals, tantrums and a showdown, because you decided to leave your husband, and not make peace with him. The accusations in this case simply do not make sense.

Step 7

If, after your words about the need to leave, the husband does not say anything and does not react in any way to your words, do not demand an immediate answer from him. Don't touch him at all - give the person time to calm down. Sorry, that's all.

Step 8

When your husband declares that he cannot imagine his life without you, let him know that you will not change your mind anyway. You should not console him and back down, nothing good will come of it.

Step 9

Perhaps the husband himself will begin to accuse you of all sins and will tell you a lot of unpleasant words. Be prepared for this too. But do not rush to enter into a discussion with him - it does not make sense.

Step 10

The easiest, albeit very unpleasant, option for you is when you see that your husband is clearly delighted with your decision. Swallow your resentment and be glad that you managed to throw it first.

Step 11

Try inviting your husband to stay friends. It is unlikely that he will meet your words with enthusiasm, because it will hurt him to communicate with you, especially at first. Don't rush things.

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