How To Protect Yourself From Your Ex-husband

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How To Protect Yourself From Your Ex-husband
How To Protect Yourself From Your Ex-husband

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Sometimes it happens that after a failed marriage, the spouses part by no means friends. Neither common children, nor years of a once happy life - nothing can make them stop being angry with each other. How can a woman find a peaceful life, whom her ex-husband blamed for the collapse of their relationship?

How to protect yourself from your ex-husband
How to protect yourself from your ex-husband


Step 1

The marriage is built by two. If it doesn't work out, it's pointless to blame anyone alone, although this is a fairly common situation. Sometimes it is complicated by the fact that the ex-husband is trying to deprive his wife of communication with common children and the right to jointly acquired property. In this case, you need to try not to give vent to emotions and calmly defend what you are entitled to by law.

Step 2

Hire a competent lawyer. No matter what your ex-husband says, you have equal rights, especially with regard to child custody. A specialist will deal with legal formalities, but psychologically you can help yourself.

Step 3

Don't be intimidated. Sometimes abandoned men behave quite aggressively. If you are openly threatened, not allowed to lead a normal life, terrorized with calls, firmly explain that you do not intend to communicate in this mode and demand, and not just ask, to leave you alone. Don't be afraid to be impolite when it comes to your mental health.

Step 4

If a man raised his hand against you, do not expect trouble - contact the police for help. Let the saying "Hits, it means he loves" will remain in distant medieval times. Try to overcome the feeling of helplessness, they will definitely come to your aid. Do not be silent, preferring to drown your resentment in tears.

Step 5

If you have repeatedly become a victim of a tyrant husband, even after a divorce, moral trauma will make itself felt. You will be supported by the free helplines of crisis centers that exist in many major cities. An individual consultation with a psychologist will not be superfluous.

Step 6

Sometimes men, defending their pride, try to prove that women are miserable creatures, unable to survive without the support of the stronger sex. Prove that it is not. If you haven't worked before, start looking for a suitable place. Let the salary be low at first: the main thing is to take the first step towards independence.

Step 7

Feel free to step into a new life. Leave grudges in the past. The experience of divorce, as painful as it may be, has made you stronger. You will definitely meet a person with whom you will be happy.

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