What Time Of Day Should A Pregnancy Test Be Done?

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What Time Of Day Should A Pregnancy Test Be Done?
What Time Of Day Should A Pregnancy Test Be Done?

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Married couples who have decided to add to the family always want to know the good news as soon as possible. But in order to eliminate the likelihood of errors in the results of a pregnancy test, you need to do it at the right time of the day.

What time of day should a pregnancy test be done?
What time of day should a pregnancy test be done?

How do I use the pre-delay test?

All household pregnancy tests differ in their sensitivity - from 10 to 30 mIU / ml. They measure the content of chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine, a hormone that is produced in a woman's body during pregnancy, and its content increases every day of this period. The lower the number on the package, the lower the hormone content is needed to register the fact of pregnancy.

There is some probability that the test will show the correct result even before the delay, if fertilization occurred at least 7-8 days ago. But this method is extremely unreliable, because rarely does anyone manage to calculate the day of conception on their own, so it is better to wait for at least the first day of delay. However, if you want to try to find out the answer early, then in the period before the first day of the expected period, you should purchase a test with a maximum sensitivity level of 10 mIU / ml.

But the basic rule that should be followed both before and a few days after the delay is that the test should be carried out in the morning, immediately after waking up. The fact is that during the day we constantly drink water, thereby diluting the urine. Thus, the concentration of hCG in it is rapidly falling. Therefore, home pregnancy tests should be done immediately after a night's sleep.

How to carry out the test in the first days of the delay?

Things are much easier if the first day of the delay has already arrived. As a rule, by this time the pregnancy hormone reaches such a concentration that it can be fixed with a test with an average and most common level of sensitivity - 25 mIU / ml.

But the main rule remains the same - the test should be carried out after a long sleep and following the instructions on the package. The most accurate answer can be obtained already on the 4-5th day of the delay, since the chorionic gonadotropin by this time is so concentrated that it is responded to by serviceable tests of any sensitivity. If the delay lasts an unusual number of days, and the test shows a negative result, you should consult a doctor and donate blood for hCG.

What if there is no way to do the test in the morning?

There are situations when you want to know the answer today, but there was no opportunity to do the test in the morning for some reason. In this case, you should drink less water throughout the day in order to minimize the dilution of urine and to choose the most sensitive jet tests. Starting from 4-5 days of delay, the test can be carried out in the evening without any fears - most likely, it will show an accurate result.

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