32 Weeks Of Pregnancy: Sensations, Fetal Development

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32 Weeks Of Pregnancy: Sensations, Fetal Development
32 Weeks Of Pregnancy: Sensations, Fetal Development

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Week 32 marks the end of the seventh month of pregnancy. The woman is experiencing all the new sensations. Very soon she will see the long-awaited baby, and now she can feel him in her heart.

32 weeks of pregnancy: sensations, fetal development
32 weeks of pregnancy: sensations, fetal development

How do the changes occur to the fetus at 32 weeks?

The baby is already 30 weeks old this week since ovulation and conception. Now he already looks like a small man and has a fairly large size. The growth of the baby from the top of the head to the heels is about 42 centimeters, and its weight is about 1 kilogram 700 grams. But if this suggests heredity, then the baby may be slightly lower or higher, heavier or lighter. After all, if every child in the family is short, then he has no one to be tall. Therefore, when assessing the fetus, it is also correct to take into account the parents.

The baby's body is preparing for birth and the following changes are taking place this week:

  1. The bones are getting stronger and heavier. The baby's body gets fat and the baby becomes more and more plump. Already now, with the help of an ultrasound machine, you can see the chubby cheeks of the child.
  2. The baby's body activates its immunity and the baby begins to receive protective antibodies. This is one of the most important processes. After all, while the fetus is inside the mother, it is protected from many bacteria and infections. But as soon as the child is born, he will have to protect his body on his own.
  3. At 32 weeks, the baby is actively improving the endocrine system. The body must adjust the work of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal glands and pancreas.
  4. The baby's nervous system is also actively developing.
  5. The child secretes special hormones - oxytocin and vasopressin. They are necessary for the mother for normal childbirth and further feeding the baby with breast milk.

The baby's skin at this time is smoothed out thanks to the subcutaneous fat, the color also changes and the baby becomes more and more like a newborn. Only in size is it still very small. Fluff disappears on the baby's body. And the hair becomes denser and longer. Although they still look slightly sparse and soft.

The baby at this time actively moves inside the fetal bladder and can:

  1. Analyze voices and sounds and express your opinion in the form of shocks and kicks.
  2. Distinguish between night and day.
  3. In some cases, the baby may start to hiccup. Most often it manifests itself as a result of swallowing the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus.
  4. The baby's facial expressions, his abilities now are not conscious actions, but the result of the brain's work.

What feelings does the expectant mother feel at 32 weeks of pregnancy?

The belly is already bulging forward quite strongly. Pregnancy at this stage is already bringing its own changes to a woman's life. It becomes difficult to do simple things. It is very difficult for a pregnant woman to tie her laces and put on shoes. It's good if the future dad is ready to help at any moment.

Movements at this time become quite strong and sometimes painful. The expectant mother can already discern whether the baby is holding her hand or leg. But these tremors are not always delightful. Sometimes the baby can hit in the area of ​​the ribs so that the woman can catch her breath. And if the blow falls on the bladder, then an incident may occur.

Due to the greatly enlarged uterus, the height of which is 33 cm, all organs are displaced. A woman may face such problems as:

  1. Frequent urination.
  2. Stool problems. Frequent constipation.
  3. Heartburn.
  4. Shortness of breath.
  5. Swelling.

You should not be afraid of this, but you should tell the doctor leading the pregnancy about any situations that cause discomfort.

If a woman has problems with stool, then in order to empty the intestines, it is necessary to try to eat foods that help with this delicate problem.In extreme cases, doctors may suggest rectal suppositories or microclysters so that the intestines function properly.

Now the body of the expectant mother is very vulnerable. The immune response to any infection can be weak due to the added stress. To be ill, in principle, at any stage of pregnancy is bad. But now it is desirable to minimize the risk of infection as much as possible. Therefore, it is advisable for the expectant mother to limit visits to places where there are large gatherings of people. If for some reason this is not possible, then you can wear a mask on your face. In addition, walks in the fresh air will be very beneficial. It is also necessary to ventilate the space in the apartment daily.

At 32 weeks, a woman needs to monitor her secretions. If there is bleeding, then you need to call an ambulance. In addition, if a woman's discharge becomes suspiciously abundant and bad suspicions arise, then you can buy a water leak test at the pharmacy. If, for some reason, it is not possible to purchase it, then you can go to the nearest maternity ward, where the patient will be examined and will be able to confirm or deny the presence of water leakage.

In the third trimester, a woman may have training contractions. They manifest themselves as chaotic cramps in the abdomen. Feels like the stomach turns to stone. Training contractions are not accompanied by any pain.

What examinations do you need to undergo at week 32?

At week 32, most of the tests have already been passed. But a woman can be sent for the third time to be tested for viruses and infections. This is due to the fact that the validity of the results of these studies is 3 months. And at the time of delivery, a woman in labor should not have expired tests in her medical record. Otherwise, she may be referred to childbirth for observation.

In addition to the tests, 32 weeks is the period when the third prenatal screening must be done. It consists in an examination using an ultrasound apparatus.

The specialist will look at the location of the baby in the uterine cavity. He will measure his height and determine the approximate weight. He will see if all organs are properly developed. Also, the doctor will measure the basic parameters of the baby: the circumference of his head, abdomen and chest, the length of the arms and legs.

In addition to the fetus itself, the doctor will determine the condition of the placenta, the place of its attachment and aging, the amount of amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby. In addition, if the gender was still unknown, now the doctor will be able to tell it.

Childbirth at 32 weeks

At this time, the child looks quite ready for birth, but he still needs time to complete his development in order to exist outside the mother's body. Now, if the baby wants to be born, then natural childbirth is already possible. Indeed, in most cases, the child has already laid down in the desired position with his head down. After giving birth, doctors will most likely place the baby in a special nursing box.

At 32 weeks of birth, breastfeeding becomes questionable. But artificial nutrition is necessarily used, which will help the child gain weight faster, with which he can normally exist in the outside world.

Also, the child is likely to require drug therapy. The risk of many childhood diseases is very high. And the child's immunity is still very weak. The need to administer drugs is due to the following criteria:

  1. Indicators on the Apgar scale.
  2. The state of the child after birth, the level of his formation.
  3. Birth trauma.
  4. The results of the diagnosis of the baby after childbirth.

In addition, giving birth at 32 weeks can also negatively affect the woman in labor. It is possible that the birth will take place using an emergency caesarean section. There is also a high risk of complications in the form of uterine bleeding and the appearance of infections in internal organs.

It is for these reasons that in the event of contractions, discharge of water, bleeding, it is necessary to immediately call an ambulance and go to the antenatal department. With a high degree of probability, doctors will be able to stop labor.

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