What To Say When Parting

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What To Say When Parting
What To Say When Parting

Couples in a quarrel sometimes slander each other so much that sometimes it just doesn't work out humanly to part. But deciding to still remain friends or at least acquaintances, it is necessary to think over everything very subtly, what to say when parting. It is important to part on a friendly note, especially if you have children together.



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Often the reason for parting can be some kind of stupidity, then it is important what will be said during separation, your possible reunion depends on it. After a while, you will realize that it is difficult to live without a partner. In such a case, you need to say "I appreciate our relationship, but you are wrong, when you understand this, I am ready to talk to you!" or "I'm sorry, but I love you anyway."

Step 2

If you decide to break off all relations, you need to appreciate your ex-partner at least for those pleasant moments that you spent together. And so that your soul is not offended and ashamed of the words spoken, think in advance about what you can say positive to your ex-soul mate without leaving any grudges.

But, if you still do not dare to meet and report the breakup and just decide to write a simple letter or sms-message or report it by phone - this will mean disrespect for your relationship and you will leave the blame for yourself. Parting must take place at a personal meeting in order to clarify everything and not leave questions that will torment your partner. By sending a message by mail, your soul mate will simply be offended by you and decide that you are unable to say all this in your eyes and you might think this relationship never mattered to you.

Step 3

To make the separation pass for you with a clear conscience, invite your partner to the meeting. If you are very angry with him, put all emotions aside, it is better to talk about breaking up with a calm speech. You should not use offensive statements and report that this is due to the bad behavior of your partner, do not get personal.

Step 4

When talking on this topic, try to take the blame on yourself, if you are the initiator of the separation, say that your thoughts are pure and you are doing it with the best of intentions for both of you.

Step 5

Breaking up with any person never goes unnoticed, especially if you've spent many years together. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing each word.

The right choice would be to end everything sooner rather than later, when the relationship is already unpleasant for both parties, both partners must find those with whom they will find harmony. And there were no painful days with those for whom you no longer feel. At the beginning of a relationship, you should consider the prospect of the relationship in advance, if you are sure that you do not want serious action, notify your partner about this in advance so as not to break his heart.