How To Quickly Forget A Man

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How To Quickly Forget A Man
How To Quickly Forget A Man

Video: How To Quickly Forget A Man

Video: How To Quickly Forget A Man
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Unfulfilled hopes and a broken heart - that's all that remains after parting with what seemed to be a loved one. Even if the breakup was your initiative, bitterness still eats away at the sensitive soul for a long time. You are still tempted to sometimes call him, cook his favorite dish, turn on the program he was watching.

How to quickly forget a man
How to quickly forget a man


Step 1

You can return everything, but is it worth it? If your differences could not be overcome when you were together, it is unlikely that anything will change for the better. To endure quarrels and conflicts or start life from scratch - it's up to you.

Step 2

Having made a choice in favor of freedom, do not succumb to despondency and confusion. You urgently need to fill in the voids that formed after the ex-boyfriend left, and "burn the bridges." Share the breakup with all your friends, girlfriends, and family members. Don't complain or get tragic. Simply: “I'm doing great! True, the day before yesterday I parted with Oleg, but it was ripe for a long time …”.

Step 3

Look for positive moments in everything, and it is better if they are with a fair amount of humor. His birthday is soon, and you do not need to "bother" about the gift! There will be no more of his Saturday night owls-friends with cisterns of beer and ubiquitous fish. Now you can admit to yourself that his mother-in-law will turn out to be murderous.

Step 4

Remember. Remember all the bad, disgusting and indecent that he did. How he gnawed off his burrs, how noisily he belched, his rrrr-rap. Think about it as your hand reaches out to the phone. Look at your cat - he is just happy that there is no invader and usurper, that you can safely write in the tray, and not in his sneakers.

Step 5

Go out into the light and look around. How many attractive and smart men are around! And you could skip all this wealth by removing beer mugs and fish tails. Flirt and flirt, be a little windy. Not lonely, but free.

Step 6

Collect all of his leftover belongings and gifts that he sometimes bought. Write a letter to the man with words of gratitude for the pleasant moments that you undoubtedly had. Put the piece of paper in a box with things, cover everything with duct tape and … put it in the closet. You should not reckon your own and others' wounds.

Step 7

That's all. Now you can advise your girlfriends on how to quickly forget a man.