How To Quickly Forget A Loved One

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How To Quickly Forget A Loved One
How To Quickly Forget A Loved One

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Non-reciprocal love is the subject of the most touching songs and the subject of the most bitter suffering of humanity. And if you are unloved or betrayed, then you can go in two ways. One: to cherish your heart wound all your life, finding in it a source of inspiration for writing Gothic poems with rhymes like "love - blood" and "fly up - die". Another: try to heal this wound as quickly and thoroughly as possible. The second way is more constructive and leaves hope not only for literary prizes, but also for personal happiness.

How to quickly forget a loved one
How to quickly forget a loved one


Step 1

Get rid of anything that reminds you of your past relationship with someone you want to forget. Many women follow this rule instinctively, throwing out joint photos, returning or re-donating gifts once made to their loved ones.

Delete pictures from your computer where you are, say, relaxing on the beach or in a nightclub. Get rid of things that serve as a kind of "anchor" for memories: bought together or donated to you by a former partner, found or acquired together (apartment and car are exceptions). Do everything so that your memory does not have clues, and you have a reason to cry and mentally return to the past, holding in your hands, for example, a pebble you picked up during a joint vacation on a Crimean beach.

Step 2

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and eating grief with pies and cakes. It will not benefit your self-esteem or your appearance. Try to pull yourself together and go, say, to the gym. Here is a triple benefit: get a boost of vivacity, tidy up your figure, have a good time doing a useful and positive activity, and not suicidal regrets about the past.

Step 3

Try to communicate more. And exclude, at least for a while, acquaintances who are joint with your former lover from your social circle. Now you do not need extra reminders and goodwill, joyfully telling you that your boyfriend has already had a new girlfriend or something like that.

Step 4

Get yourself some kind of forgetting ritual. For example, when going to bed, mentally confirm your intention to wake up in the morning freer, calmer and brighter than today. After all, your past relationships will become a day further from you, and time is a great healer.

Step 5

Try to forgive your ex, yourself, and your mistakes. And even more so, do not try to take revenge for the fact that you were neglected. Let go of everything, let go of the relationship, do not tear your heart and do not become attached to the past with chains of resentment.

Step 6

Do not be isolated. Go out with friends in clubs, cafes, hiking, biking. Keep celebrating life. It will be difficult at first, then you will get involved.

Step 7

And, finally, if melancholy does not let go, and life becomes more and more difficult, contact a specialist - psychologists or a psychotherapist. Perhaps you need professional help.

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