How To Find Point G

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How To Find Point G
How To Find Point G

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The mysterious G-spot, like a lost island, invariably attracts those men and women who seek to expand the boundaries of sensual pleasure. It may take time to find her, but if you have enough knowledge and follow your feelings, you will finally be able to find this cherished place on a woman's body.

Finding the mysterious G-spot results in long nights of love full of pleasure
Finding the mysterious G-spot results in long nights of love full of pleasure


Step 1

To begin with, it is worth noting that the G-point is not a point in the literal sense - it is rather an area of ​​the vaginal mucosa ranging in size from a pea to a five-ruble coin. It is located at a distance of 2 - 4 cm from the entrance opposite the pubic bone.

Step 2

At the initial stage, it is important to establish bodily communication between partners. Don't go looking for the G-spot right away, it's important that the girl is prepared and aroused. Give your spouse a massage. Relax her body, stimulate erogenous zones such as neck, breasts, inner thighs and clitoris.

Step 3

When you both realize that you have reached a sufficient degree of excitement, you can safely go in search of the desired point. The most comfortable position for a girl is lying on her back. Insert your index and middle fingers gently into your vagina. They should be pressed together with the pads pointing up.

Step 4

Now, gently feel the inside surface. You will recognize the G-spot by sensations - its texture is a little rough and resembles a sponge or a small walnut, while the rest of the mucous membrane is smooth.

Step 5

Now start moving your fingers. The motions to stimulate G are called the "lure gesture": slowly bend your fingers towards you, and then return them to the level position again. At the same time, lightly press the pubis, then the excitement will be more intense.

Step 6

G-spot massage can be done not only with your hands, but also with your penis. As a rule, during sex she is little stimulated, but there are some positions that bring pleasure to a woman as much as possible: this is the “rider” position, when the girl is leaning rather strongly back, and the position when the man is behind.

Step 7

And, of course, remember: in order for your love affinity to bring special pleasure, it must be based primarily on mutual warmth, trust and openness.

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